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Innovative leader

Cavitation Technologies, Inc.

CTi is an innovative leader in processing liquids, fluidic mixtures, emulsions and suspended solids.
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CTi is an innovative leader in processing liquids, fluidic mixtures, emulsions and suspended solids. Founded in 2007, the Company has developed an array of advanced hydrodynamic cavitation-based technologies with applications in vegetable oil refining, renewable fuels production, water treatment, petroleum upgrading, alcoholic beverage enhancement, algal oil extraction and other industries.

CTi designs robust, versatile, multi-stage flow-through devices and systems, and holds two patents on the devices.

The Company has commercialized its patent-pending CTI Nano Neutralization® process offering refiners of edible oils and fats significant yield improvements, substantial cost savings and environmental benefits. Desmet Ballestra, the leading global solutions provider for the edible oil and fats and biodiesel industries, has partnered with CTi to market the technology worldwide to large-scale facilities.
In 2010 and 2011, CTI completed the first two commercial installations of the Reactor at soybean oil refineries. Desmet is marketing the Reactor to other soybean oil refineries as a key component of the neutralization system that it sells.

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. (CTi) owns and markets patented and patent-pending processes and devices developed to reduce processing costs, improve yield and mitigate the environmental impact of large-scale industrial liquid-processing applications. The Company has commercialized its proprietary technology for refining vegetable oil by providing refining facilities with CTi Nano Neutralization® technology and the Nano Reactor® device.

CTi’s technologies can be applied to other fluid-processing industries that can benefit from increased yields, reduced processing costs, and improved quality. CTi has filed patent applications related to edible oil refining, renewable fuels, water treatment and purification, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage processing and enhancement, algal oil extraction, and petroleum oil upgrading.

Board of Directors and Management Team is a solidary team of high professional specialist knowing their business:
Todd J. Zelek – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, joined the Company in June 2011. He is a private investor and has over 20 years of experience as an investment banker, most recently as Managing Director and Group Head at Lehman Brothers where he was responsible for the Los Angeles office and was in charge of the Firm’s Global Internet Practice
Jim Fuller – Board Member, was formerly Senior Vice President of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and was nominated by President Ronald Reagan as the Director of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). Mr. Fuller received his BS in Political Science from San Jose State University and his MBA from California State University- Fresno. A veteran in the financial industry and a seasoned executive, Fuller brings extensive knowledge and expertise in management and operations, including executive leadership.
Igor Gorodnitsky – President and Founder, is the founder of the Company, and he serves as President and a Director. As a Senior Hazmat Specialist with over 20 years of experience, he has coordinated and successfully completed over 500 emergency hazardous material clean-ups.
Roman Gordon – CTO and Founder, is the author of several patents. From 1997 to 2002, he was chairman of a publicly traded electric service provider company (ESP), PowerSource Corp., where he participated in the power marketing of renewable energy and in evaluation and environmental compliance. Gordon served as a member of the Board of Directors, chief executive officer and secretary of the Company until June 14, 2011 when he was appointed CTi’s Chief Technology Officer.
Varvara Grichko, Ph.D. – R&D Head, possesses a broad and vast range of skills and multi-disciplinary expertise including nanotechnology, biotechnology, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, plant biology, enzymology, renewable fuels, environmental science and spectroscopy. She has established herself as an outstanding scientist who has made significant contributions to both basic and industrial research and authored numerous patents, research papers, reviews, books and book chapters. Dr. Grichko was a key scientist in projects funded by NASA-ESA, NIH, USDA, DOD and NSF.
R.L. Hartshorn – CFO, joined CTi as CFO in 2007. Prior to joining the Company, he worked for 15 years in international banking with Chase Manhattan and other banks in Europe, New York, and Latin America. He also spent 10 years in the information technology industry including 7 years as VP of Marketing & International Sales for a publicly-held software and advertising company.

CTi is currently focused on expanding its market share across a variety of edible oil refining sectors. Global demand for edible oil industry has historically grown at over 5% per year, even during periods of global economic instability.

Vegetable oil refining facilities process crude oils such as soybean, palm, rapeseed, canola, and sunflower and other specialty oils such as peanut, olive and cotton, converting them into oil for various consumer and industrial uses, including cooking oil, flavor enhancements and food additives.

CTi helps its customers at the following phases of the refining process: CTI Nano Neutralization®, Water degumming, Bleaching and Deodorization.

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