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Tbilisi international airport

Top 10 best places to relax

In Tbilisi international airport will be built a center for aircraft maintenance, training facility and a VIP-terminal.
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In Tbilisi international airport will be built a center for aircraft maintenance, training facility and a VIP-terminal.

Today, in Georgian capital, was held the presentation of the future complex. Works should begin in September. Center will be built by the Georgian-American “Georgian”.

Total investments will amount to $ 12 million. Authors of the project sure
that the center of Tbilisi aircraft maintenance will compete with similar centers operating in the United Arab Every year people are planning their holidays; thinking over, what country to visit.

To your attention are the top 10 countries that deserve attention in 2012. This list is built with a view of upcoming events, costs and stays attractiveness for travelers. Of course this list will never say exactly where to go to relax, it is just designed to give you ideas and inspiration and make you think where it’s much better to go. So, here are recommendations.

10th place takes Havana, Cuba
Cuba has long become a favorite destination of tourists from other parts of the world. Now it is the perfect place where is available a comfortable beach to enjoy the sun, rum and cigars. Cuba has survived the colonial architecture, which can be admired.
To escape the northern winter you need to visit Havana from December to March. In the summer you will see a predictable scorching sun and a lot of tourists. The last two months of spring and first two months in autumn offer tourists a pleasant temperature (although more rain in the autumn), with fewer people.

Greece takes the 9th place
Close your eyes and think of Greece. What picture appears in front of you? Most likely, these are the white building located on a hill high above the blue expanse of the Mediterranean Sea. Islands such as Crete, Mykonos and Santorini are the stars of the Greek island tourism, but apart from these, there are more than 200 inhabited islands, which can be explored.
If your main goal to bask in the sun, you need to go there from mid-June to September. This period offers the best combination of great weather and smaller crowds of tourists.
In Athens, the average hotel price per night is $ 125. Accommodation in hostels is even cheaper, about 10 euros for a bed in a dormitory.

8th place goes to the City of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Summer is a good season for visiting Halifax, with the best weather of the year. September and October, also a beautiful time to visit, the weather is pleasant, less crowds, brightly colored leaves, and there are festivals such as the wine harvest and Oktoberfest.

Cairns, Australia is on the 7th place
Cairns – a large Australian city, which is attractive at any time. But it is particularly attractive in 2012 as this year you can see the total eclipse of the sun. On November 13, the eclipse will be visible from northern Australia and Southern part of the Pacific Ocean. Cairns is the largest city in the region, being where you can see two minutes of totality, at 6:38 am local time.
The Great Barrier Reef near Cairns will delight tourists. Cairns is a popular destination place for tourists, and the competition helps keep low prices.

Copan, Honduras – 6th place
Honduras, in particular, the ruins of Copan, attracts tourists from all over the world. Outside the city, you can visit coffee plantations, learn how to cook a traditional meal, or relax next to natural hot springs.

South Africa – 5th place
Beautiful beaches, diverse of landscapes and culture, delicious food and wine, and, of course, enough of wildlife to see offers South Africa. In addition, you can trek in the mountains, spend whale watching, visit a wine tasting and relax on beautiful beaches.
During the summer months (from January to March), South Africa attracts the most visitors, so the prices are high. From July to November, southern whales migrate to the southern coast of the cape, that’s why that time is valuable for those who appreciate these mammals. In the period from May to August are considered the best months – to go on safari, thin leaves help to see the animals and a lower risk of malaria.

4th place – Chile
Chile offers a variety of activities to its visitors. From the dry deserts and unique landscapes in the north to the bustling capital of Santiago. Wildness of Patagonia in southern Chile, a variety of landscapes cannot be found in many other countries. At the same time the locals very friendly.
The landscape of this country needs to be seen – to believe in its beauty. It has everything: lakes, glaciers, volcanoes, beaches, salt marshes. You’ll enjoy a trip to Chile.

3rd place takes Cairo, Egypt
Egypt serves the wealthy tourists with plenty of luxury hotels and resorts to choose from. In the summer it is hot in Egypt. For a good compromise, it is better to visit this country from March to May and in autumn months when the temperature is milder and less of tourist groups. This country is full of attractions worth visiting for example – the great pyramids of Egypt.

2nd place – Tallinn, Estonia
One of the European Capitals of Culture, Tallinn is situated on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, near Helsinki. It is known for its well-preserved medieval city center.
Annually the city hosts a variety of music festivals.
Because of its northern climate of the Baltic, Estonia has cold winters with very little sunshine and a mild summer. May and June and September offer the most pleasant weather for the tourists.
Tallinn is a very technologically advanced city, Skype was invented here and the town is almost 100% covered by free Wi-Fi, so you can easily stay in touch cheaply.

And finally 1st place takes Florence, Italy
Italy is a dazzling, fascinating country. Florence is full of treasures of the Renaissance; and Duomo is worth to see, crowned with a dome of Brunelleschi. This urban landscape is unique; its medieval buildings with shades of red and gold in the sun shock anybody.
Besides, Florence, Rome will be as well interesting for tourists. It is the largest city in Italy. Sometimes known as Caput Mundi («Capital of the World”), this historical capital is dotted with the remains of ancient grandeur exciting, from the impressive Roman temple Pantheon to the Coliseum. It is also worth visiting the Vatican Museum, St. Peter’s Basilica.

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