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Georgia does not acknowledge presidential elections in Abkhazia

The Georgian Foreign Ministry has called illegal presidential elections passing on Sunday in the unprompted republic of Abkhazia and called on the international community to condemn them.

Tbilisi considers the holding of these elections is violation of the principles of state sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The European Union does not recognize the constitutional and legal frameworks within the elections are held in Abkhazia, according to a press release of the Head of EU diplomacy, Catherine Ashton.

“The EU supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia, as acknowledge by international law. In the light of reports about the “presidential elections” in the breakaway Georgian region of Abkhazia on August 24, we again reiterate that the EU does not acknowledge the constitutional and legal framework within these elections are held”, – is said in a statement.

The presidency claiming four candidates: Chairman of security services Aslan Bjania, ex-Interior Minister Leonid Dzapshba, opposition leader Raul Khajimba and Minister Defense Mirab Kishmariya. Yesterday, they signed an agreement on measures to achieve national unity, in the frames of which the plan to create an advisory board to enhance dialogue and crisis management.

The Sixth presidential elections in Abkhazia were held on August 24, 2014. Regular elections were to be held in 2016, but the acting President Alexander Ankvab in connection with an acute political crisis resigned on June 1, 2014, and the parliament of Abkhazia before retirement of Ankvab, on May 31, appointed acting president of Abkhazia the Chairman of the Parliament Valery Bganba and approved date of special presidential elections.

According to the law on presidential elections, the head of state must be a citizen of the Republic of Abkhazia – Abkhaz nationality, at least 35 and no older than 65, who has resided in the country for at least the last five years to the day of voting.
Abkhazian legislation defines elected presidential candidate, if, during the vote, he received 50% +1 vote, among voting members. If none of the candidates receive a sufficient number of votes, during two weeks announced second round where the winning is the one who put together a simple majority of votes.

The Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Abkhazia is Batal Tabagua.

According to official information, special presidential elections will cost the budget of the republic in 14.3 million rubles.

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