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Georgian parliament begins debate of the draft bill “On the State Language”

Parliament begins debate of the initiated draft bill “On the state language.”

Tomorrow the project will be discussed at a meeting of the Committee for the Protection of Human Rights. Together with a draft bill “On the state language” changes are made to the draft bill “On broadcasting”. The legislative package was initiated at the opened autumn session. The initiator is the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Science, and the author is a group of lawyers and linguists.

The project defines the status of the state language, guarantees to protect it, especially the use of state and other languages, the ability to choose the language of education, the principles of the use of the state language and other issues. The project envisages the establishment of a department of the state language and the Permanent Commission on the state language, as well as measure of charge and sanctions for demand penalties of the law “On the state language”.

With regard to the amendments to the law “On broadcasting”, is added the item, according to which those media outlets that broadcast in the national language, in the manner prescribed by law, if necessary, can be used and non-state languages, but not more than 10% of the time TV – or radio- broadcasting. However, the translation and dubbing of audiovisual products being shown by the broadcaster, is used the state language, except for cases prescribed by law.

As stated during the meeting David Usupashvili, the committee for a long time works on a project that before the initiation was sent to the examination to the Venice Commission, where from a detailed report came. According to Usupashvili, during considering will be the possibility of taking into account the views of international, competent experts.

“We went such a long way before initiation the project was sent for examination, as we guided by the highest national importance and sensitivity of the issue, which relates to a very serious topic”, – said David Usupashvili at the meeting of the Bureau.

Comments on the draft have the budget office of Parliament, regarding the financial part. In particular, as was said at the meeting of the Bureau, is planned to create the Department of a state language with 50 employees and the allocation of its operation 3million Gel, but is not specified how this amount was calculated, and how it will be distributed.

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