Baku and Tbilisi discussed issue of investment in the reconstruction of Georgia's highways

Baku and Tbilisi discussed issue …

Baku and Tbilisi discu...

Pentagon chief left Georgia

Pentagon chief left Georgia

Deputy Defense Ministe...

Georgian parliament begins debate of the draft bill "On the State Language"

Georgian parliament begins debate…

Parliament begins deba...

"Dnepravia" suspends flights from Kharkiv to Tbilisi and Batumi

"Dnepravia" suspends fl…

Airline "Dniproavia" f...

Georgian Orthodox Church celebrates the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Mariamoba

Georgian Orthodox Church celebrat…

Georgian Orthodox Chur...

The Georgian Foreign Ministry published a list of countries with which it will support the visa-free message

The Georgian Foreign Ministry pub…

The Georgian Foreign M...

Visa to Georgia will cost $ 50

Visa to Georgia will cost $ 50

From September 1, 2014...

Georgia does not acknowledge presidential elections in Abkhazia

Georgia does not acknowledge pres…

The Georgian Foreign M...

In Baku is discussed the construction of the railway Marabda-Kartsakhi

In Baku is discussed the construc…

The 20th meeting of th...

Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia will hold joint military exercises

Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia wi…

Azerbaijan, Turkey and...

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PR Strategies to Foster Effective Blogger Relations

As blogs grow more influential each day, PR professionals need to be equipped with best practices for working with bloggers. Through incorporation of insightful examples and case studies, this presentation will provide strategic guidelines to help you achieve success in pitching to a blogger audience.

Essentials of the Nonprofit PR Pitch

Today’s economic climate poses unique challenges for nonprofit, mission-based organizations. Many nonprofits are experiencing unparalleled demand for services, while donations lag behind previous levels. It’s more important than ever before to tell your story and raise awareness and attention. This webinar will discuss the essentials of the nonprofit PR pitch and share valuable tips for gaining the visibility you need in this challenging environment.

How PR Can Build More Powerful Brands in Today's Economic Downturn

Savvy organizations have used downturns to gain ground over their competitors. How can you maximize your mindshare during these difficult times? And also defend or even expand your budget? This interactive webinar features a panel of branding experts. Benefit from their insights and proven strategies so that you, too, can uncover the promotional opportunities hidden in a downturn, implement new tactics and leverage high-power, low-cost communication channels.

Straight Tweet: Giving Voice to a Brand on Twitter

Why have so many companies taken the plunge into social media? It is through this valuable outlet that organizations are given the opportunity to connect on a more personal and human level with their customers, business associates and industry colleagues. In order to be successful, however, your brand needs an authentic voice and achieving this authenticity while holding true to your brand's message requires a careful approach. This webinar will offer valuable advice on how Twitter can help you create an authentic voice to empower your brand.

Seven Trade Show Secrets in Tough & Uncertain Times

No matter what industry, chances are your company is currently being confronted by the challenges of a struggling economy. Contrary to popular belief, now is not the time to cut trade show marketing. Savvy exhibitors know the trick is to be smart when times are tight. Are you equipped with the essentials to survive and thrive on the trade show floor? Discover valuable exhibiting ideas and techniques to help guarantee your trade show success.

Responsible Marketing: Dos and Don'ts in a Down Economy

Learn the dos and don'ts of responsible marketing in order to enhance your marketing strategy and achieve success amid an economic downturn.

New Media PR

New Media has put the "public" back in "public relations." Traditional media outlets no longer have all the say -- people are turning to Web-based social media applications for their daily news intake. This webinar will provide winning strategies for conducting PR in today's networked society.

Achieve Greater Visibility in an Online World

Achieving optimal results online and in search engines should be a key objective of your organization's communication strategy. Find out how PR Register can increase your visibility on the Web with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and our premier distribution network.

Great Marketing and PR Strategies on a Non-Profit Budget

Learn how you can use your resources and creativity to come up with effective communications strategies that will help you get results and leave you with money to spare in your marketing and PR budget.

Unleash the Power of US1 Media Monitoring

Did you know that PR Register is the only major wire service to offer complimentary online media monitoring with all premium newslines? This interactive webinar will help you capture the most value out of this complimentary service.

Think Multimedia: Extending the Reach of Your Messages to Hispanic Audiences

Multiple studies and surveys continue to reaffirm the willingness of Hispanics to embrace technology in the United States. Learn about the Hispanic multimedia evolution and the power of online video, as well as trends and techniques to improve the visibility of your campaigns.

Communicating Your Message Globally on a Tight Budget

How far does your message have to travel? Do you have a message that goes beyond U.S. borders but also needs to meet budget limitations? Are you interested in learning ways to revise or craft your communications strategy to effectively reach your global target audience? This webinar will provide insight on how to successfully and cost-effectively communicate your message.

Advanced Crisis Communication Strategy

Learn how to effectively implement crisis communications plans prior to the onset of a crisis. This webinar will also offer guidance on the do's and don'ts surrounding this type of communication.

Reaching Hispanics Online, An Evolution: Understanding Cultural and Usage Trends to Employ Results-Driven Strategies

Studies show that U.S. Latinos, more than any other ethnic group, rely on Hispanic media more than mainstream media. As marketers struggle to define and measure engagement in a fragmented Web 2.0 world, what are the implications of the latest findings among Latinos online? What does the type of media consumed imply for your online branding, marketing and advertising campaigns? This webinar will address these important topics.

Build and Protect Your Brand Through Online Communications Management

Obtain guidance on how to best incorporate Web-based communication into your organization's branding strategy. This webinar will also highlight the importance of monitoring the online environment to maintain brand consistency.

Become Part of the World of Online Video with the MultiVu™ Spot Runner Multimedia News Release

Learn about the exciting partnership between MultiVu™ and Spot Runner and how this Multimedia News Release can benefit your organization.

Writing That Sells -- Using PR Tools to Reach Consumers Directly

With millions of people linked in to the Internet, news releases aren't just for journalists anymore. Consumers are reading news releases unfiltered by the media online. This webinar will offer direction on how to make your news releases more engaging and relevant to an audience of media and consumers.

Pitching Secrets of the Pros

Gaining the attention of journalists and reporters can be a real challenge. This webinar will provide best practices and valuable guidelines to create compelling PR pitches.

Get Read with PR Register: An Informative Discussion on the 2008 Media Pickup Survey

Informative and insightful, this webinar addresses the key findings of the 2008 Media Pickup Survey - a study that proved PR Register provides the best pickup of any Register service and also outperforms the competition on a number of key ROI metrics.

XBRL is Here: What it Means for Your Company

This webinar will bring you up to speed on the process, taxonomy changes and key issues that should be reviewed before the upcoming implementation of XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language).

Riding the Social Media Wave: How Trade Show Organizers Are Utilizing New Technology to Prove ROI

Blogs, Twitter and other social media – What do event organizers need to know? How do you listen, measure and react? More than likely, your organization is already tweeting and building a presence on Facebook – the question is how are you monitoring the impact of your efforts and listening to what others are saying in the social media universe? Learn how social networks and multimedia content can be utilized to increase awareness.

Covering the Bases to Successful Communications: Integrating Your MediaRoom and Social Media Strategy

Reaching the engaged audiences who gather in social networks presents both a challenge and opportunity for communications professionals. By integrating your traditional communications strategy with social media tactics, you can give your organization's message additional visibility and foster interaction with your news. Learn how PR Register's MediaRoom facilitates an effective communications strategy and provides the solution to bridge traditional and emerging media.