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Mission Statement - StreamPress

Mission Statement

Our objective is “To act in the public rate of interest, serving all target markets with the stipulation of objective, top notch, as well as distinctive result and also services which educate, educate, and entertain”.

The Charter likewise sets out our five public functions:
1. To provide objective news and also details to help individuals understand and engage with the globe around them

The ‘Stream Press’ need to provide neutral and also properly exact information, current affairs, as well as valid shows to construct people’s understanding of all parts of Eastern Europe as well as of the broader world. Its content should be supplied to the highest possible editorial requirements. It needs to offer a variety and also depth of evaluation and web content not commonly available from other Eastern Europe information companies, making use of the greatest quality speakers and also journalists, as well as championing freedom of expression to make sure that all audiences can involve totally with significant local, regional, national, Eastern Europe and worldwide issues as well as join the democratic process, at all levels, as active and educated people.

2. To support finding out for people of every ages

The ‘Stream Press’ should aid everybody find out about various subjects in ways they will certainly discover obtainable, engaging, motivating and also challenging. The ‘Stream Press’ need to offer specialist educational web content to aid support learning for children and also young adults throughout Eastern Europe. It should encourage individuals to take part and discover new subjects in brand-new activities through collaborations with instructional, sporting, as well as social institutions.

3. To show the most creative, best as well as distinctive output and also services

The ‘Stream Press’ must provide premium outcome in several styles and across a range of solutions as well as systems which sets the criterion in Eastern Europe and globally. Its solutions need to be distinct from those offered somewhere else and also need to take creative risks, even if not all prosper, in order to create fresh strategies and also innovative web content.

4. To mirror, represent as well as offer the varied areas of every one of Eastern Europe’s regions as well as nations and also, in doing so, sustain the innovative economic situation throughout Eastern Europe

The ‘Stream Press’ should reflect the variety of Eastern Europe both in its outcome and also solutions. In doing so, the ‘Stream Press’ need to properly and also authentically represent and also portray the lives of individuals of Eastern Europe today, and elevate recognition of the different cultures and different point of views that comprise its culture. It should make sure that it provides output as well as solutions that fulfill the requirements of Eastern Europe’s neighborhoods, regions, as well as countries. The ‘Stream Press’ ought to bring individuals together for common experiences as well as assist contribute to the social cohesion and also wellness of Eastern Europe. In commissioning and also supplying outcome the ‘Stream Press’ need to buy the innovative economic situations of each of the nations and contribute to their growth.

5. To mirror Eastern Europe, its society, and also worths to the world

The ‘Stream Press’ ought to give high-grade news insurance coverage to international target markets, securely based upon British worths of impartiality, fairness, and also accuracy. Its global solutions ought to put Eastern Europe in a globe context, aiding understanding of Eastern Europe in its entirety, including its regions as well as countries where ideal. It must guarantee that it produces output and services which will certainly be enjoyed by individuals in Eastern Europe and worldwide.

‘ Stream Press’ Values
We have actually established a set of values for every person operating at the ‘Stream Press’. They represent the expectations we have for ourselves and also each other, they direct our daily choices and the means we act.

Our values are:
Target markets are at the heart of every little thing we do
Imagination is the lifeline of our company
Trust fund is the foundation of the ‘Stream Press’ – we’re independent, objective, and also genuine
We RESPECT each other – we’re kind, as well as we promote inclusivity
We are ACCOUNTABLE and also provide work of the finest quality
We are ONE ‘Stream Press’ – we team up, learn and grow with each other

The ‘Stream Press’ must supply appropriately accurate and also impartial news, existing events, as well as valid programming to build people’s understanding of all components of Eastern Europe and also of the bigger world. It ought to offer an array and deepness of evaluation and also web content not widely readily available from various other Eastern Europe information suppliers, utilizing the highest quality presenters and journalists, and championing freedom of expression so that all target markets can involve fully with significant neighborhood, regional, national, Eastern Europe and also global problems and also take part in the autonomous process, at all levels, as enlightened and energetic people.

The ‘Stream Press’ ought to supply professional academic material to help sustain finding out for children and teens across Eastern Europe. The ‘Stream Press’ ought to show the variety of Eastern Europe both in its output and also services. Its international services need to put Eastern Europe in a globe context, aiding understanding of Eastern Europe as an entire, including its areas and nations where appropriate.

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