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Aug 4, 2022
U.S. Department of Transportation

U.S. Department of Transportation proposes to give flyers more opportunities to get a refund

New regulations recommended by the Transportation Department would certainly need airline companies to supply refunds when they postpone residential trips for 3 hrs or longer or hold-up worldwide trips for 6 hrs or longer.

Jul 23, 2022
A gastronomic embassy of Ukraine

Ukrainian chef to open refugee-staffed restaurant in London

Yurii Kovryzhenko, a well-known chef and “culinary ambassador” for Ukraine, has spent years promoting the regional cuisine of his native land abroad.

Jul 21, 2022
Annual award

Τhe TOP restaurants in the world for 2022

The diversity of the global culinary landscape has been reflected in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants since 2002.

David Gareja Monastery
May 27, 2020
Georgian safari

David Gareja Monastery

Learn about the region from your guide as you make stops at a reservoir and Natlismtsemeli Monastery, and experience the adventure of off-roading through this arid region. Enjoy a complimentary wine tasting of local wines.

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