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Aug 12, 2022
National Park in Adjara

Mtirala National Park in Adjara

Mtirala National Park, situated simply 25 kilometers from the seaside hotel Batumi, is an item of heaven filled with plant and also the coolness of subtropical woodlands. If you wish to uncover the elegance of Adjarian nature, you need to not miss out on seeing it.

Aug 11, 2022

Georgia is where Europe meets Asia

Georgia is where Europe meets Asia, bounded on the west by the Black sea, the north by Russia, the south by Turkey and Armenia and to the east by Azerbaijan.

Aug 10, 2022
Sights to See

10 Destinations Of Kiev

The mother of Slavic towns is a title sometimes given to Kiev. Over the course of its more than 15 centuries of existence, Kiev has grown significantly from a prehistoric outpost of nomadic tribes to one of the biggest cities in the world. Kiev is closely related to the growth of Slavic culture. With their beauty, harmony, and historical significance, its monuments, architectural ensembles, and cathedrals enchant visitors. The tourist sites in the Ukrainian capital are infused with the spirit of bygone glories.

Aug 6, 2022
Time Traveling to Georgia

Ideal Time Traveling to Georgia

Georgia’s varied climate condition and also vast selection of tasks make the nation an eye-catching vacation location year-round.

Aug 5, 2022
Lake Balaton

Why you should put Hungary’s thermal lake on your travel list in 2022?

You probably haven’t heard of Lake Balaton despite its picturesque landscapes, food festivals, vineyards, and extensive hiking trails. The majority of visitors to Hungary arrive in Budapest and choose to stay there because they are charmed by the city’s varied architecture and inexpensive drinks. Balaton is 14km broad and 77km long, and its modest depth makes it the perfect place for a swim. The largest lake in Central Europe is located just 70 minutes’ drive southwest of the capital, nevertheless. 

Aug 4, 2022
Autumn fairy tale

Autumn is the best time to visit Kakheti, Georgia, 2022

Each season has its own unique beauty and charm, but fall in Georgia is particularly lovely for a number of reasons. The nicest area to visit in Georgia in the fall is Kakheti, the stunning region of Georgia that is thought to be the center of winemaking and the birthplace of wine. Due to its extensive vineyards, history, stunning scenery, and, of course, wonderful wine, it is a pleasant location that may remind one of an Italian province.

Aug 1, 2022

Background of Kiev

According to the old tale, Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, was founded by 3 brothers, Kyi, Schek and Khoryv, and their sister Lybed, at the end of the 5th-beginning of the 6th centuries. The city was named after the oldest brother Kyi. Kyiv indicates the city of Kyi.

Jul 24, 2022
Tallinn City History

The tale of Tallinn is created in the skies

It is tough to miss out on Tallinn’s wide variety of towers. In addition to the city’s rising church apexes and also distinct orange roofings, they are a crucial element of the Estonian funding’s striking horizon. Yet greater than simply stunning design, the towers likewise disclose much concerning the city’s remarkable background.

Jul 24, 2022
one of the tallest hotels in the world

Flame Towers offers luxury

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, offers a unique blend of the ancient and the new, from conventional souks, mosques, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to futuristic skyscrapers.

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