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Georgia’s Future at Stake: The “Russian Law” and its Implications

Many of us have left Facebook because of the negativity, but the silence outside feels deafening, especially considering recent events in Tbilisi. For 36 years, I’ve witnessed rallies for a free and democratic Georgia, and now, staying silent feels like a betrayal.

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The software developers still working under Russian bombing

Ukraine, under a full-fledged intrusion from Russia, is house to 44 million individuals, greater than a numerous whom have actually taken off the nation as evacuees to run away the dispute. It’s likewise house to a large neighborhood of software program programmers that function from another location for firms throughout the united state as well as Europe.

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Bellingcat exposes identifications of Russian military police officers behind 2015 Mariupol carnage

Russian weapons strike on a property area of Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine eliminated 30 private citizens as well as is considered as among the gravest battle criminal activities devoted by the Kremlin throughout its four-year hidden armed forces project in Ukraine

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