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About 44-day Second Karabakh War - StreamPress

Patriotic films from Azerbaijan

About 44-day Second Karabakh War

Azerbaijan’s victory in the Second Karabakh War has been reflected in the local film industry products. Many patriotic films have been made since Azerbaijan liberated its territories from the Armenian occupation.
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Among them are documentaries such as “Shusha, you are free!”, “We”, “Fulya” and others. The films eventually caught public attention. All documentaries perfectly convey the realities of war and showed the national heroes, whose exceptional courage knows no boundaries.

The documentary film “Shusha, you are free!” (2021) was co-produced by the Baku Media Center and Salnamafilm studio with the support of the Azerbaijani Culture Ministry.

To capture the pivotal moments of the liberation of Shusha on film, a specialized film crew was dispatched to the conflict area. The movie depicts authentic war sequences that have never been seen before.

The movie offers some fascinating insights into Operation Shusha, one of the most notable chapters in contemporary military history.

It also includes exclusive footage shot during the fighting for the city of Shusha as well as interviews with the brave soldiers and officers from Azerbaijan who took part in the operation.

Javidan Sharifov is the director, and Nazim Huseynov and Orman Aliyev are the producers.

Another historical documentary, “We,” tells the story of the courage of the servicemen who fought for 44 days in the front.

The movie captures the wartime feelings, experiences, and most significantly, the unwavering confidence in victory of every Azerbaijani man and woman. It also captures the patriotic spirit of the country’s military and regular residents. Interviews with Azerbaijani residents, whose films, images, and status updates have become the most popular on social media, are included in the documentary.

They talk about their memories and experiences in the movie. The movie won a special jury prize at the 6th International Festival of Documentary Films of the Turkic World in Istanbul in the middle of October.

Orman Aliyev is the creator of the concept and the film’s director, and Fariz Ahmadov, the director of the Azerbaijani film studio, is the producer.

The documentary “Fulya,” which was co-produced by the Dada Yapm company in Turkey and the Azerbaijan Film Studio in Azerbaijan, sparked a lot of curiosity and moved viewers.

The movie is about CNN-Turk TV’s military correspondent Fulya Ozturk, who was instrumental in exposing the world to the truth about the Nagorno-Karabakh War in 2020.

At the CNN Turk offices in Istanbul, filming began in June. It then moved to Ganja, Tartar, Barda, and Fuzuli.

The filmmaking crew consists of producers Ozcan Dada and Fariz Ahmadov, cameraman Cengizhan Durmaz, and directors Aykut Tashkin and Tahir Tahirovich. The documentary was screened in a significant setting. In the 44-day Patriotic War, we have triumphed gloriously, but the battle of knowledge continues. For us, it’s crucial that as many people as possible are informed on a global scale, according to Rufat Hasanov.

Which platform will be used for the movie showing has not yet been determined by the Culture Ministry. It could be a TV channel or an online platform. The Culture Ministry now has plans to show the movie on a significant international platform.

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