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Tsinandli, Georgia

House-Museum of Alexander Chavchavadze

Tsinandli Museum Complicated – Alexander Chavchavadze Residence Gallery, Tsinandli’s lovely yard and also a distinct wine rack of the 19th century. It lies in Tsinandali town, Telavi town, in Kakheti location.
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Tsinandli Royal residence came from Garsevan Chavchavadze, the plenipotentiary ambassador of Georgia to Russia throughout the regime of King Erekle II. The royal residence was acquired by his only child – Alexander Chavchavadze, the creator of Georgian romanticism, poet and also somebody.

The managed structure of the Tsinandli Chavchavadze royal residence was integrated in 1886 and also is presently the house-museum of Alexander Chavchavadze. Individual personal belongings of participants of the Chavchavadze household, numerous magazines of the 19th century, manuscripts of the 18th century, photos of Dimitri Ermakov, paint and also lithographic examples, Georgian, Russian and also French furnishings of the 18th and also 19th centuries and also numerous home things are protected there. Amongst them – Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Georgian and also Russian meals together with music tools.

Tsinandli attractive yard is the very first European-type entertainment location in Georgia, the park inhabits 18 hectares. Alexander Chavchavadze brought European landscape designers to establish it. It is distinct in regards to unique types and also preparation. In the park you will certainly additionally locate unique plants brought from China, America, Japan, the Mediterranean Sea and also various other nations. In the yard of Tsinandli, you will certainly locate the street of love. According to tale, if a pair can go through this street blindfolded, their love will certainly enjoy.

Tsinandli wine rack – situated in the area of Tsinandli Park, is among the very first storages in Georgia integrated in 1835, where Georgian a glass of wine was bottled for the very first time. Aleksandre Chavchavadze is the very first individual in the background of Georgia that bottled Georgian a glass of wine made in the European way in Tsinandal and also laid the structure for the manufacturing of European a glass of wine in Georgia. Regarding 16,500 containers of a glass of wine bottled in various nations are protected in the Tsinandli storage.


Tsinandali was the homeland of the Chavchavadzes for centuries. The Chavchavadze household transferred to Kakheti in the 18th century. Garsevan Chavchavadze, that offered at the court of King Erekle II and also was the plenipotentiary ambassador of Georgia to Russia, lived below in his royal residence. Presently, there is little details regarding his royal residence. It is understood that the royal residence lay northwest of today yard.

Garsevan Chavchavadze played a vital function in the Russian-Georgian connections and also on July 24, 1783 he authorized the Georgievsky Treaty along with Ioane Bagration. King Erekle offered him a big estate from Mount Tsiv Gombor to the southerly inclines of the Caucasus Hills. The Tsinandli estate was acquired by his only child, the creator of Georgian romanticism, poet and also somebody Alexander Chavchavadze (1786-1846).

Aleksandre Chavchavadze was birthed in St. Petersburg and also matured in the royal court. He was the godfather of Catherine II and also Alexander I.

Αl. Chavchavadze had 4 kids, 14 grandchildren and also 31 great-grandchildren. The oldest little girl, Nino Chavchavadze, was the better half of the well-known Russian mediator and also poet Alexander Griboedov, the 2nd – Ekaterine Chavchavadze, the better half of the last royal prince of Samegrelo, David Dadiani, child – David ended up being a significant basic in the Russian Imperial Armed Force Solution. His better half, Anna Bagrationi, was the granddaughter of the last king of Georgia, George XII. Alexander’s youngest little girl Sofio Chavchavadze wed Baron Alexander Nikolai, head of the Caucasus academic area.

In the 19th century, differentiated reps of Georgian culture collected in Tsinandali. Russian and also international mediators and also musicians additionally checked out the royal residence. Tsinandli Royal residence was a social facility of the 19th century.

Aleksandre Chavchavadze, for the very first time in the background of Georgia, bottled Georgian a glass of wine made in the European way in Tsinandali. Afterwards, the structure was laid for the manufacturing of European-made a glass of wine in Georgia.

In 1854, Tsinandli estates were attacked by Shamil’s detachment. The royal residence was rummaged and also melted. Davit Chavchavadze’s household and also family members were apprehended – 24 individuals in overall. Shamil required the launch of his child Jemal-ed-Din and also a million manats for the launch of the detainees; As an outcome of arrangements, the quantity was minimized to 40,000. To ransom money the household, Davit Chavchavadze took Tsinandali, Mukuzan and also Nafareuli as captives.

In 1886, Davit Chavchavadze was required to offer the Tsinandli estate, and also the last came under the possession of the Division of Royal Estates. From the very same duration, the terrific repair of Tsinandli estates starts. The well-known Russian designer Alexander Ozerov headed the repair functions. And also in 1887, Swedish botanist Arnold Regel was bought to redesign the park. This way, the Chavchavadze estate of Tsinandli was changed right into a summer season house of the Romanovs.

After the Sovietization of Georgia, the summertime house of the Romanovs was changed right into a resort near the vineyard; And also given that 1946, the Alexander Chavchavadze House-Museum was opened up under the management of the Georgian poet Giorgi Leonidze.

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