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Hungarian National Museum

The first of its kind in Hungary, the Hungarian National Museum is a historical institution. The museum chronicles Hungary’s history from the Prehistory to the Modern Age. A number of ongoing exhibits in the museum, including a decorated moose ulna from 14,000 years ago and a rosetta necklace, describe Hungary’s history chronologically using artifacts from archaeology and antiquities. The Hungarian throne is included in a separate display. There is a fresh temporary show every few months.
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One of the most stunning palaces in Hungary built in the classicist style serves as the museum’s house. Mihály Pollack, an architect, was responsible for creating this massive building.

Its massive columns and exquisitely sculpted pediment will make you think of a Roman temple.

The interior of the museum is magnificent. There are numerous marble pillars throughout, and the walls and ceilings are completely covered in stunning artwork.

The numerous collections depict the development of the nation from its founding to the present. The museum contains a variety of artifacts from archaeology as well as several treasures that illustrate Hungary’s history and culture.

The coronation cloak worn by the Kings of Hungary, a statue of a hand-crafted golden deer from the sixth century BC, or a funerary crown from the thirteenth century are just a few of the most intriguing artifacts on display. In the basement of the building is a Roman lapidary.

One of Budapest’s most fascinating museums is the Hungarian National Museum. This museum is among the greatest in the city thanks to the design of the building and the majority of its contents.

Curious fact: On the stairs leading to the museum’s entrance, poet Sándor Petoi first read his song Nemzeti dal (National Song) in 1848. The revolution against the Habsburgs was sparked by his poetry.

Múzeum körút, 14.

Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am – 6 pm.
Monday: closed

Adults: 2,600 Ft (US$ 6)
EU citizens (aged between 6 – 26 and from 62 -70): 50% discount.
Children less than 6 years old and Seniors over 70 years old: free entry.
Budapest Card: Free entry.

Metro: Kálvin tér, line M3.
Tram: Kálvin tér, lines 47 and 49.
Bus: Kálvin tér, lines 8, 9, 15, 109 and 115.
Trolleybus: Kálvin tér, line 83.

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