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iPhone 14 is coming soon

The release of the iPhone 14 is probably just a few weeks away, and there are many rumors to consider. Although Apple hasn’t formally announced the existence of its upcoming smartphone, there are several iPhone 14 rumors and discussions of a “complete overhaul” online.
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The release of the iPhone 14 is probably just a few weeks away, and there are many rumors to consider. Although Apple hasn’t formally announced the existence of its upcoming smartphone, there are several iPhone 14 rumors and discussions of a “complete overhaul” online.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a leading Apple analyst, predicts that the iPhone 14 lineup would include four devices, including two improved “Pro” variants. Is that terrible news? A significant price increase might be imminent.

We like the iPhone 13 a lot, so we have high hopes for the iPhone 14. Particularly in light of the fact that the performance of the entry-level iPhone SE (2022) is on par with that of the iPhone 13.

The iPhone 14 and its release date have not even been mentioned by Apple. However, because Apple usually releases new iPhones at the same time every year, it’s very possible that the iPhone 14 will be released in September 2022.

On September 14, 2021, the second Tuesday of the month, the iPhone 13 debuted. The iPhone 14 may make its debut on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, as Apple appears to prefer the second Tuesday in September.

However, tipper Max Weinbach predicts the new iPhone could debut on Tuesday, September 6, one week earlier than expected. According to his estimation, pre-orders might start on Friday, September 16, indicating a release date of September 23, at the latest.

Apple events typically begin at 10am Pacific Time, which is 6pm GMT / 4am AEST, and are held at the company’s Apple Park headquarters in California.

The iPhone 14 may have started production in July, according to rumors that Foxconn, the company that runs the biggest iPhone plant in the world, handed financial bonuses to assembly line workers. That again appears to be in line with the rumored launch schedule for Apple.

However, the actual selling date can be pushed back. A report(opens in new tab) claims that one iPhone 14 model is currently behind schedule as a result of China’s recent covid lockdowns. A “quality issue” with the iPhone 14’s camera has also been mentioned, although Apple appears to be on top of it.

Nearly two months after that report, according to another expert, the same model (the iPhone 14 Max) is still running behind schedule. Although it doesn’t ensure supply shortages, it is a flaw in the production process that needs to be fixed right away.

In March, Apple had its first event of 2022, but the iPhone 14 was not mentioned. Instead, the eagerly anticipated iPhone SE 3 and a new iPad Air were given to IT enthusiasts.

iPhone 14: price

The cost of the iPhone 14 is yet unknown officially. However, given that the entry-level iPhone 13 costs £779/$799/AU$1349, we would anticipate that the iPhone 14 will be priced similarly.

The iPhone 13 launched in the UK for £20 less than the iPhone 12.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known Apple analyst, forewarned in early August that the average selling price of the iPhone 14 lineup may increase by 15% in comparison to the iPhone lineup.

Some analysts predict that the entry-level iPhone 14 will cost $799, the same as the entry-level iPhone 13, and that price increases will only apply to higher variants.

If true, the price of the larger iPhone 14 Max could increase by $100, to $899 (about £650, AU$1200), while the price of the Pro variant could also go up by $100, to $1099. A $100 price increase over the existing iPhone 13 Pro Max would make the iPhone 14 Pro Max $1199.

iPhone 14: design

The design of the iPhone 14 is expected to undergo a significant change. In conclusion, the iPhone 13 may not resemble anything like Apple’s upcoming device.

FrontPageTech’s Jon Prosser gave us a “closer peek at the iPhone 14” in September 2021. The reputable leaker released a number of renders, like the one shown above, that seem to show the iPhone 14. Prosser’s prediction that the upcoming Apple phone will have “titanium edges” will make it the most durable iPhone yet.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg weighed in right away. The well-known Apple observer predicts that the iPhone 14 will undergo a “major redesign,” and he or she also predicts the end of the 5.4-inch iPhone Mini.

Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo appear to be on the same page. Kuo is likely the most trustworthy Apple analyst at the moment. A new and “cheap” iPhone Max will replace the discarded iPhone Mini, according to Kuo, who also claims that Apple will introduce four iPhone 14 smartphones in 2022.

 iPhone 14: storage, power, and battery

The iPhone 13 was advertised as “the most powerful iPhone yet,” but given the newest, less expensive iPhone SE (2022) uses the same A15 Bionic chipset, the iPhone 14 will undoubtedly have more oomph.

Reliable According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new A16 chipset will only be used in the two more expensive iPhone 14 versions this year. He predicted in a tweet that the A15 Bionic featured in the iPhone 13 series will continue to be used in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, but not the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max.

According to Kuo, the lower end models would continue to use the LPDDR 4X RAM featured in the iPhone 13 range, while the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max may also have LPDDR5 memory.

Data transfers may also experience a slowdown, at least for the Pro models. According to iDropNews(opens in new tab), Apple could update the Lightning connection on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max to support USB 3.0 rates, which is a maximum of 5 Gbps, up from the present Lightning connection’s meager 480 Mbps. For artists wishing to transfer massive files like high-resolution video, that would be a real help.

We anticipate Apple to go with the same storage options as the iPhone 13: 128GB for entry-level devices and up to 1TB for top-tier Pro models. There have been rumors that Apple may provide 2TB of storage with the 2022 Pro models, but will enough people buy 2TB phones for it to be a viable option? We are not persuaded.

ApplePro claims to reveal the battery specifications for the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14: 3279 mAh (iPhone 13 – 3227 mAh)
iPhone 14 Max: 4325 mAh (N/A)
iPhone 14 Pro: 3200 mAh (iPhone 13 Pro – 3095 mAh)
iPhone 14 Pro Max: 4323 mAh (iPhone 3 Pro Max – 4352 mAh)



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