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Mina Sue Choi Crowned

Miss Earth 2022 became a South Korean model

At a gala ceremony in Manila, Mina Sue Choi, a communications student representing South Korea, defeated 85 other competitors from around the world to claim the title of Miss Earth 2022.
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The remaining finalists, Miss Fire, Miss Water, and Miss Air, are given “elemental” titles. Nadeen Ayoub, the first representative of Palestine in the Miss Earth competition, was named Miss Earth Water.

One of the Big Four beauty pageants, along with Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss International, is the environment-focused competition. Since its inception in 2001, it has primarily taken place in the Philippines, though Vienna and Bali have also hosted in the past.

Miss Earth 2022 contestants started arriving at the casino resort and hotel complex known as Okada Manila on November 12, and all 86 were unveiled on November 14 at a ceremony. Preliminary activities, however, have been going on virtually since October 24.

Choi received the title at the ceremony held at Cove Manila from Destiny Wagner, the winner from the previous year and the first woman from Belize to win a significant international pageant. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Miss Earth 2020 and Miss Earth 2021 were both conducted virtually.

Ayoub, a fitness trainer, nutritionist, and business owner, advanced to the final four as the favorite to win. She and Jihan Majid, a 20-year-old competitor from Iraq, were the only two Arabs competing.

The decisive final question for the final four was: “What is one thing you want to right in this world and how would you right it?”

“I would want to fight the ignorance and selfishness of people,” Ayoub said, drawing loud cheers. “Because I think that is the main problem that we are facing today, with all of the issues including environmental catastrophes, which are made by humans.

“It starts with education,” she added. “That’s how we can solve the selfishness and ignorance that we see today, and save planet Earth.”

Sheridan Mortlock of Australia was named Miss Earth Air, and Andrea Aguilera of Colombia was named Miss Earth Fire.

On November 16, the swimsuit phase of the first on-ground preliminary competition took place. Esther Ajayi of Nigeria, Aguilera of Colombia, Liliya Levaya of Belarus, and Choi of South Korea all shared the victory.

Choi quickly established himself as a favorite after taking first place in both the long gown and beachwear competitions. Additionally, she finished third in the resort wear competition, which was won by Venezuelan Oriana Pablos.

Choi shares first place honors in the beachwear category with Jessica Pedroso of Brazil, Daniela Riquelme of Chile, and Aguilera of Colombia. She also shares first place honors in the long gown category with Daniela Riquelme of Chile, Sheyla Ravelo of Cuba, and Susan Toledo of Ecuador.

In the talent contest, Nigeria’s Ajayi, Ekaterina Velmakina of Russia, Ravelo of Cuba, and Alannah Larkin of Ireland all tied for first place.

The current Miss Earth titleholders devote their entire year to supporting particular initiatives, demonstrating how seriously the organization takes its campaign for environmental awareness and conservation. Each Miss Earth winner agrees to work with the World Wildlife Fund and serve as a spokesperson for the Miss Earth Foundation and the United Nations Environment Programme.

The organizers of the pageant stated that this year’s theme, ME Loves Fauna, was chosen to “emphasize the importance of caring for animal life.”


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