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Changes to passport name rule may see travellers banned from flying in or out of UAE

New passport rules on flights to and from Dubai introduced

New rules are in place on flights to and from the UAE.
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It is mandatory for all passports to include the passenger’s first name and surname.

The rule kicked in from November 21 and is applicable to all airlines.

The UAE immigration laws suggest that without the necessary information, a passenger will be considered INAD or inadmissible.

It comes at a time when Dubai International Airport, the busiest in the world, expects a 64 million record-breaking influx of travellers over the winter period.

At this stage the rules are only applicable for tourist and visit visa holders.

Those with residence and employment visas are currently exempt.

A statement from Indigo sent to travel agents said: “As per instructions from the UAE Authorities, effective November 21, 2022, passengers with a single name on their passports travelling on tourist, visit or any other type of visa shall not be allowed to travel to/from UAE.

“However, passengers with a single name on passports and in possession of a residence permit or employment visa shall be allowed to travel provided the same name is updated in the ‘First Name’ and ‘Surname’ columns.”

The rule-changes are expected to hit UAE flights to and from India, in particular.

After the Diwali-surge, airfares on the UAE-India sector have seen prices as low as Dhs300 to Kochi.

According to Skyscanner, airfares from key Indian cities such as Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore range from Dhs467 to Dhs552 and are predicted to soar come December.

Most carriers are offering discounts and packages, with budget airlines increasing baggage allowances to 40kgs for those travelling to India.

Meanwhile, resident carrier Air India has launched two new flights to meet the rising demand.

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