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European Film Awards 2022

Reykjavk is hosting the best films from Europe

The European Film Awards ceremony for this year will take place in Reykjavik on December 10. There are five movies up for the Best Film Award, including some that were on the Cannes, Berlin, and Venice film festivals’ shortlists.
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Ruben stlund, a Swedish director, received the Palme d’Or this year for his movie Triangle of Sadness. This is his second time taking home the prize.

A ship resembling the Titanic is where the super-rich wind up in this violent and unforgiving comedy about their society.

“What I like about European film history is that we have always focus a lot on societal questions, we have talked about how to create a better society. Cinema has been a tool to try to make things better. And I can’t think of anything more pointless than making movies if I don’t want to change something, if I don’t want to make something better. So, this is European cinema,” explained Ruben Östlund.

With Lukas Dhont’s second film, Close, about the thwarted friendship of two young teenagers who are torn apart by others’ gaze, Belgian cinema has a new gem admitted into the festival.

A sensitive movie that showcases the diversity of European filmmaking and might be of interest to the European Film Awards jury.

“In this country, we have several languages, so for me, it’s important to make a film that combines several languages, to break the borders a little. And in fact, it’s a film where several things can exist next to each other,” said Lukas Dhont.

Ali Abbasi, who was banished from his country and is now a citizen of Denmark, directed the film Holy Spider, which transports us to Iran.

The narrative of a serial killer who murdered prostitutes in the holy city of Mashhad served as the inspiration for his grim movie. a joint creation of Germany, France, Sweden, and Denmark.

Another excellent example of a Spanish-Italian co-production in Europe is Alcarràs.

In the movie, a family of farmers from Catalonia faces eviction and an uncertain future after cultivating the same land for several generations.

Carla Simón’s sad memoir, Golden Bear winner in Berlin.

Last but not least, the movie Corsage, directed by Austrian Marie Kreutzer, stars Vicky Krieps of Luxembourg, a rising star in European cinema.

The life of Elizabeth of Austria, also known as “Sissi,” a free-spirited rebel with a torturous fate.

On December 10 in Reykjavik, an official ceremony will present the Best European Film award.


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