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First Digital Collection

The digital collection of Czech art is launched in Google Arts & Culture

The Google Arts & Culture platform has built a digital exhibition devoted to the Czech Republic’s art, architecture, and design scenes for the first time.
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The newly launched collection, called “The HeART of Czechia”  was introduced to the media by Minister for European Affairs Mikulá Bek as part of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The National Gallery, the National Museum, the National Theater, the Gallery of the City of Prague, the Contemporary Art Center DOX, the Museum of Applied Arts, Villa Tugendhat, the Mucha Foundation, and the Olomouc Art Museum collaborated on the collection of high-impact photos, street views, and interactive games.

“We are happy that people can find the first digital collection dedicated to Czech cultural heritage on Google Arts & Culture as of today. Thanks to the work of our partners, anyone and anywhere can discover what the Czech Republic has to offer – masterpieces of art, famous glassworks, real architectural treasures, and unique design. This collection allows people to explore the artistic heart of the Czech Republic in a completely new way,” says Taťána le Moigne, director of Google’s Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Romanian branches.

The exhibition features over 2,500 works and artifacts, some of which have been scanned in ultra-high resolution, including pieces by Frantiek Kupka, Toyen, Emil Filla, and Josef apek, as well as contemporary glassmaker Martin Janeck, who produces lifelike sculptures without the use of forms.

The collection’s highlight is Alfons Mucha’s classic, “The Slavic Epic,” which has been reproduced in ultra-high resolution, allowing viewers to zoom in on individual brushstrokes or investigate the texture of the canvas. The collection of photographs, the largest of which measures more than 6 by 8 meters, is among the largest ever shot at such a high quality on Google Arts & Culture.

A new feature, twenty Street View collections, allows viewers to zoom in on locations related with Czech culture life, from the ancient National Theater to the iconic airship Gulliver, which is part of the DOX Center for Contemporary Art.

The new virtual tours of renowned buildings in Street View are also an essential element of the collection. Visitors to the location can wander through the historic National Theatre building, marvel at the famous airship Gulliver airship at DOX, visit the Cubist building U erná Matky Bo by architect Josef Goár, or experience the Mucha exhibition in the Valdtejnská jzdárna, created by world-renowned architect Eva Jiina (the actual exhibition will only be open until the end of this year).

“I am very happy that I could support this project with my patronage within the framework of our presidency of the Council of the European Union, and help spread awareness of the diversity and beauty of the Czech cultural heritage,” said Minister Bek.

Visitors can experience over a dozen exhibitions from the project’s partners in total.

The collection is available in both Czech and English on the website and through the Google Arts & Culture app.

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