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Spring-Summer 2023

The fashion and accessories at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

This season, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin debuted with a completely revamped, fresh, new idea, showcasing extraordinarily brilliant designers—both established names and up-and-comers—with eye-catching outfits inside the recently rebuilt Telegraphenamt facilities right in the center of Berlin. I’d like to concentrate on just a few of the new collections that are particularly deserving among the astounding abundance of well-known brands alongside up-and-coming ones.
 |  Borena Kuliashvili  | 

Designer Laura Gerte’s most recent ensembles for her MBFW runway show are frilly, androgynous, and bursting with vibrant contrasts. The sustainability of her production strategy is crucial. As a result, the majority of stunning gowns, inspired by complex features, are constructed from recycled and upcycled materials, patchwork, and secondhand materials. The new line features every possible aesthetic, from daytime to dreamy and poetry. The outfits can be worn out on the town and in clubs. They dazzle with intricate detail, androgynous flair, and unpretentious grace that shines through in every aspect. The asymmetrical shapes and lines of the ready-to-wear items make them vibrant, expertly made, and striking.

The stunning and seductive MALUNE line by designer Frida Weyer made its debut this season at MBFW. Through the use of delicate pastel and darker tones organized in mysterious patterns, she achieves the optical lightness and color harmony of her appearance. Her distinctive appearance fits within a feminine world. They are cozy and seductive. The latest silk designs explore with natural forms and offer a laid-back glam look. The beautiful motifs and the thoughtfully chosen color scheme that define the new designs are real.

Any woman who is aware of current fashion trends would put MALUNE’s looks on her wish list because of their spontaneous form and elegant embellishments. The coats and jackets, which were the collection’s standout pieces, as well as the evening ensembles’ fundamental sizes, seemed quite familiar to everyone while also being incredibly jovial and elegant. The beachwear is strikingly feminine, radiating enchanted vitality, a tropical atmosphere, and easy appeal.

The unisex jewelry by Tbilisi-born designer RM ATU GELOVANI, who plays with sensuous transformations, can be androgynous or feminine. With a distinct design language, the necklaces and earrings composed primarily of steel, beads, phosphor, pearls, zirconia, and Swarovsky crystals captivate. They have wonderful, poetic, and occasionally whimsical looks.

The Hamburg-based brand is young yet incredibly fashionable, with a distinctive look and attitude, especially a fondness for attention to detail, simplicity, glamor, and brilliant lightness. The designer achieves a magical equilibrium between form and substance in every piece. Germany and Georgia both create the jewelry.

The items are available in concept stores in London and Hamburg as well as online for people who are unable to go to these cities. In 2018, this distinctive jewelry company with an international flair was established in Berlin.

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