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The most popular museums in Lithuania

The popular museums with both locals and tourists alike encourage you to visit.
 |  Borena Kuliashvili  | 

Palace of the Grand Dukes

The Grand Duchy of Lithuania’s recreated royal residence includes late Gothic, Renaissance, and early Baroque interiors as well as exhibits on its own historical evolution and architecture. A 3D virtual reality tour that transports visitors to a century in the past and gives them the chance to see and feel history alter with their own eyes is available to assist tourists comprehend the significance of the historical treasure on display at the Palace of the Grand Dukes.

National Museum of Lithuania

The oldest museum in the nation and the largest storehouse of Lithuanian cultural heritage, it houses displays brimming with genuine artifacts that depict traditional Lithuanian culture and customs as well as the country’s history. The museum experience is enhanced by a variety of educational programs and artistic workshops that engage visitors in hands-on exhibit investigation.

Trakai History Museum (Trakai Island Castle)

The most popular museum in the nation chronicles the history of the town and castles of Trakai and is located in the halls of the Island Castle, which the monarchs of Lithuania frequented during their heyday. Hunting trophies, furniture, porcelain, and glassware are among the genuine artifacts on show that have been in the presence of famous people and the great history. Visitors are welcome to relive the glory days of Trakai during the castle’s annual Medieval Festival and Craft Day.

Amber Museum

The museum, which is housed in the majestic Tyszkiewicz count castle, has one of the world’s greatest collections of amber inclusions and specimens, with some 30,000 items on display that tell the tale of the “Baltic gold” (amber). Modern techniques are used to tell the history of amber during the interactive workshops performed at the museum, and guests have the chance to create their very own interactive pendant!

Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania

The museum exhibit takes visitors through the history of money and banking in Lithuania and around the world, starting with the most archaic forms of payment like grain, fur, or amber and ending with modern electronic money. It is jam-packed with interactive features, theme films, educational tools, and games. Visitors interested in the history of Lithuania can view coins that were in use throughout the Grand Duchy of Lithuania’s reign, while those curious about the wider world can examine banknotes from other parts of the world that are still in use today.

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