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Prague’s Austrian Ball

Travel back in time amid the beauty of the nineteenth century

Fall and winter in Czechia are marked by gala balls, which provide an opportunity to dress up in formal clothes, consume great food, and dance.
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People may now enjoy seasonal activities in the way they used to after some difficult years. While there are numerous huge events throughout the ball season in Prague, just one stands out. The Austrian ball will be hosted in ofn Palace on Slovansk ostrov on January 20, 2023.

The event has become an international meeting point for people from the political, entrepreneurial, and cultural sectors, as it preserves genuine Viennese Ball customs that are rarely seen these days.

It has also successfully attracted and involved a large number of young dancers, who come to the 19th-century Neo-Renaissance palace to experience a taste of bygone formal elegance and waltz music, as well as to dance to more modern beats. Gentlemen will wear black-tie attire, while ladies will wear full-length evening gowns.

The Austrian Ball begins with a grand opening by members of the Young Ladies and Gentlemen’s Committee. Following that, more attendees are summoned to dance by the “Alles Walzer” proclamation.

If the visitors were attentive throughout the opening, participating in the midnight quadrille – a four-person dance – may be considerably easier. However, there will be plenty of professional supervision to assist inexperienced guests in participating in the quadrille.

The evening will be completed by a range of excellent Viennese specialties and quality Austrian wines. Finally, each lady will leave the ball with a tiny gift known as a “Damenspende.”

The Czech National Symphonic Orchestra, Orchestra Josef Hlavsa, Viennese dance teacher Michael Hysek, famed Czech singer Monika Absolonová, pianist Mário Bihári, and the Czech “Sinatra” Jan Smigmator will all perform at ofn’s big hall. DJ Adam Nedvdek will also provide music.

At the Austrian Ball, people will not simply dance the waltz. The modest hall’s discotheque will provide modern beats for guests to dance till the early hours of the morning.

There is more to the party than just music and dancing. At the buffet, guests can sample excellent Viennese specialties and fine Austrian wines, while tapas and Champagne will be served in the lounge.

The Austrian Ball is hosted by Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen, the President of Austria. The Association of Austrians in the Czech Republic organizes it, and the City of Vienna serves as its patron.

At the same time, the Austrian Ball is a non-profit event that serves a valuable cause each year. Its revenues will benefit the charity Dejme dtem anci (Let’s Give Children a Chance), which assists children and young people growing up in children’s homes on their route to independence.

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