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Twelve Must-Attend Latvia Festivals

Riga Opera Festival
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Sigulda Opera Music Festival

Do you fancy a music event against a stunning backdrop of a castle? Get a chance to listen to some of the best opera singers at the International Sigulda Opera Festival. Solo artists usually perform at this festival and showcase their talent in the most beautiful way that will leave you awestruck.

Location: Sigulda district, Sigulda parish, Pils iela 18, Sigulda
Dates: 26th-28th July 2022(Unconfirmed)

Song And Dance Festival

The Song and Dance Festival is the most enigmatic Latvia festival in 2022 where you’ll be left awestruck by the magnificent work of choral music and folk dance in Latvia. During the festival, the streets and the neighborhood is swamped by a pool of singers and dancers dressed in Latvian regional costume. You can even purchase souvenirs and certain arts and crafts at the festival.

Positivus Festival

One of the best metal festivals in Latvia, the Positivus festival is an annual event that brings the youngsters of the world together for two days will be held on 15th and 16th July 2022 in Riga. This mega-scale festival takes place in the beautiful coastal town of Salacgriva which is about 100 kilometers from the capital. One should visit Latvia during the summer months to enjoy this incredible music festival. This year, the Bastille and Hot Chip are going to perform in the festival which is sure to be a delight.

Riga City Festival

The capital city of Riga turns into a carnival arena during the week of Riga City Festival. It is one of the biggest Latvia cultural festivals that have something for every traveler. People take to the streets with fun and frolic and blend in with the locals to celebrate their culture with respect to food, music, art and entertainment. The concerts and entertainment are free for all and thus one can see people flocking over all the parks and gardens to witness the incredible fireworks show. The festival provides a perfect opportunity to get to know the people and country of Latvia.

Lattelecom Riga Marathon

Upholding the annual tradition, Lattelecom Riga Marathon is about to take place in Riga. This 10-km marathon is organized every year in order to promote sports as well as help a charity. The marathon has managed to attain international prominence since the time it started in the early 2000s. With around half a million participants, the marathon is divided into three sections. The half marathon is about 6 km to which anyone and everyone are welcome to participate.

Midsummer Festival

It is one of the most joyous Latvia food festivals that the people of Latvia organize in order to celebrate the summer solstice. The Baltic country sees summer and sunshine only for a few months and thus the natives get together to commemorate the occasion by getting together in the open fields and exchanging food. As per tradition, on this major Latvia festival, Latvians build a bonfire and have an entertaining day around it. Beautiful flowers are turned to wreaths and are left afloat in the streams. Some of the traditional and classic dishes such as pies are available all across the town during the Midsummer Days which is called as Joni in the local language.

Cesis Castle Medieval Fair

Latvians are proud of their history and culture and are not afraid to show it. One of the coolest Latvia cultural festivals is the Cesis Castle Medieval Fair. It is on one day of the year when the natives do their traditional and medieval clothes and live a day in the middle ages. The Cesis Castle is a beautiful castle located just an hour’s ride away from the capital, Riga. The sprawling castle lawns, gardens, dungeons, and the museum are open for tourists, visitors, and participants on this day where people have loads of fun reminiscing the medieval days. There is food, art, and dance on the premises where one can either sit back and watch or participate. The doors of the famous Saint John Church are open for all during the fair.

Riga Restaurant Week Festival

In order to promote Latvian cuisine and the gourmet setting of the country, Riga has come up with an initiative of organizing Latvia food festivals that allows visitors and tourists to indulge in some exceptional Baltic food. It is a week-long festival when all the restaurants in Riga serve some delectable 3-course meals to the customers at a food stall price. It is an interesting time to be visiting the country as one gets to taste the best of the gourmet kitchens for a budget-friendly price.

Staro Riga Light Festival

It is a mega-scale event that happens annually in Riga, and one has to witness it to believe it. The capital city luminesces in an array of bright lights adorning all the major buildings, towers, bridges, and whatnot. The people of Latvia are then entertained by a series of performances including music, theatre, and dance. Food stalls are set up along the waterfront and the major squares where one can enjoy the light show while savoring some delicious food and drinks.

Summer Sound

If you love beaches and music festivals then you’ve landed at the right place! Summer Sound is all about grooving to the beats with waves crashing against the shoreline in the background and is certainly amongst the best festivals in Latvia 2022. If you fancy, a sunset on the beach while you’re dancing to feet-tapping music until dawn on the white sand of Liepaja. Summer Sound Festival is usually held in Liepaja in July.


Skaņu Mežs

This is amongst the best Latvia festivals 2022 is a treasure trove for music enthusiasts that happens every October in Riga. The festival is a platform for music performers, artists, and filmmakers to showcase their talent. Every year, the festival is held at a different location making not easily accessible to the mainstream public.

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