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Yaroslavsky remembers Euro 2012 with UEFA visitors and also desires Kharkiv extra host city enjoyable

Ukrainian business owner Oleksandr Yaroslavsky invites in 2019 with New Year events along with UEFA Occasions SA Chief Executive Officer Martin Kallen

 |  Giorgi Babunashvili  | 

Oleksandr Yaroslavsky invited in the New Year at his luxury Premier Royal residence Resort Kharkiv in addition to unique visitors UEFA Occasions SA Chief Executive Officer Martin Kallen and also partner Lizalot. Oleksandr and also Marina Yaroslavsky came to be pals with the Kallens as Kharkiv prepared to hold the UEFA European Champion in 2012, with Yaroslavsky playing a vital duty in the previous Ukrainian resources’s prep work by funding the essential framework upgrades. Among one of the most vital enhancements to the Kharkiv set in advance of Euro 2012 was the Premier Royal Residence Resort itself, making it a specifically suitable location for some Brand-new Year memories.

“I have a lot of memories about the construction of the Premier Palace Hotel Kharkiv,” shared Martin Kallen. “To be honest, I did not initially believe that it would be possible, but it happened in a very short timeframe. Oleksandr is the only person who could have achieved this. It is my pleasure to be here once again with my friends on the latest of many enjoyable trips to Kharkiv.”

“I really like Kharkiv,” included Lizalot Kallen. “The hotel is beautiful with great attention to detail. Clearly someone with good taste was behind the design and construction process.”

Oleksandr Yaroslavsky noted the New Year celebrations by mirroring back on Kharkiv’s Euro 2012 prep work and also wanting fellow locals extra such possibilities. “Today the hotel is one of the pearls of the Ukrainian hospitality sector but I can remember when the site was a wasteland. I came here with Martin and told him what we would create. Frankly speaking, I do not think anyone really believed us, but we created this wonderful hotel. I would like to thank Martin once more for giving Kharkiv the opportunity to host Euro 2012, and I would also like to make a New Year wish on behalf of my fellow Kharkiv residents and guests that we will have the chance to celebrate one more Euro championship in our beloved city!”

Premier Royal Residence Resort Kharkiv was revealed on the eve of Ukraine’s duty as co-hosts of UEFA’s Euro 2012 European Champion, where it offered the local UEFA head office. The resort building happened in document time and also belonged to Yaroslavsky’s total Euro 2012 financial investment of around USD 300 million. Along with the city’s initial luxury resort, this consisted of a full overhaul of Kharkiv International Airport terminal and also an upgrade of Metalist Field football arena.

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