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FA-50 Fighter

Big South Korea-Polish Arms Deal Consists Of FA-50 Boxers, K2 Storage Tanks, K9 Howitzers

The offer is a win for Poland that needs contemporary weapons quick as well as for South Korea’s defense market.

The offer, worth upwards of $14.5 billion according to Defense News, comes as Poland looks to replace the arms it has actually shipped to Ukraine for that country’s battle against Russia. The bargain could confirm highly significant for both the ROK as well as Poland.

” This is the greatest single sale of Oriental tools so far,” Chun informed The Battle zone Monday morning. “The K9 is possibly the best artillery system in the world just rivaled by the German system. The FA-50 is a battle variation of the T-50 which has obtained a track record for being the most effective instructor on the planet. The K2 tank in its most recent variation will be better than anything South Korea has to date.”
NATO participant Poland is aiming to acquire about 1,000 K2 alternative containers all told, Chun told The Battle zone.

The arrangement “will significantly raise Poland’s security and also the stamina of the Polish Army,” Poland’s Replacement Head of state and also Protection Preacher, Mariusz Błaszczak, said in a tweet last Friday introducing the offer. “Fast shipment and also sector development are essential! We fixed up the frequently divergent rate of interests of soldiers and also the arms sector. It’s a win-win situation for both teams. We’re authorizing contracts next week!”

Along with backfilling the supply of tools sent to Ukraine, the deal will likewise deliver a message to Russia.

” Among the European nations [and] NATO, Poland will certainly have the greatest land forces,” Blaszszak told Polish media. The Polish armed forces “have to be so countless and so strong that its mere existence will certainly scare the assailant.”
As a result of the relatively short turn-around of the offer, manufacturing will be divided between Korea as well as Poland, Blaszczak informed reporters in Warsaw last week.

K2 Black Panther
K2 Black Panther storage tanks will join Poland’s growing toolbox of foreign-produced armor designed to change the T-72 as well as PT-91 containers it sent out to Ukraine. The U.S. has actually accepted offer Poland 366 Abrams M1 primary fight tanks, a number that includes 250 M1A2 SEPv3 Abrams containers, the most upgraded variants.

Blaszczak informed the Polish media outlet that the K2s will fit well right into the Polish arsenal.
” It works with, or perhaps the same to, the American equipment, constructed with the engagement of US companies,” he stated of the K2.

The ROK K2 Black Panther “is among the most modern-day main fight containers in production,” having first rolled off the production line in 2013, according to Czech Military as well as Defence Publication. The primary tool for the 55-ton Black Panther, which cost about $8.8 million an item, “is a 120mm Rheinmetall L55 cannon with a smooth birthed barrel, which is produced under license in South Korea.”


The K-2 can also use KSTAM (Oriental Smart Top-Attack Munition) anti-tank missiles with “shoot and neglect” innovation. Its additional armaments consist of 12.7 mm as well as 7.62 mm machine guns.
It is powered by a 12-cylinder 1,500-hp Diesel engine, enabling it to travel at rates of approximately regarding 43 mph. The commander and also shooter “have using modernized display screen systems from K1 series containers.” The safety and security of the team is made sure by layered shield, with the opportunity of including responsive shield, either dynamite or non-explosive.
There is a missile technique cautioning system (MAWS) set up on the turret (which alerts regarding coming close to led rockets) together with radar jamming tools, a radar warning receiver (RWR,) and also laser warning receivers (LWR).

” The possibilities of survival of the staff are even more enhanced by the on-board fire suppression system.”

Along with the K2, the ROK is likewise functioning to market Poland regarding 820 K2PL containers, “adjusted to the Polish demands of K2 storage tanks, the deliveries of which are to begin in 2026,” according to, a Polish defense-oriented internet site. The internet site based its evaluation on a July 24 YouTube interview offered by Lt. Col. Krzysztof Płatek, spokesman for Poland’s Armaments Agency, that nation’s brand-new procurement directorate.

” These tanks are to be produced in a brand-new factory built in Poland and also partly in South Korea. The lorries are to be characterized by: strengthened armor, [an] omnidirectional observation system, [and also a] hard-kill ASOP (KAPS) active defense system.”
Both countries are additionally pursuing building a collectively made K3PL, which is “a new Polish-Korean container of the future, created on the basis of the K2PL tank, which will be created in Poland and South Korea,” reported.

K9 Rumbling Self-Propelled Cannon
The K9 Thunder is a tracked 155mm/52-caliber self-propelled artillery item that has a series of approximately about 30 miles relying on its artilleries, according to its maker, Hanwha Defense, which describes the complying with capabilities:
The K9 can shooting a ruptured rate of “3 rounds in less than 15 secs” and also a maximum rate of fire “of 6 to eight rounds per minute for 3 mins.” The sustained rate of fire is from “two to three rounds a minute for one hr.”

The K9 Rumbling “protects the interior crew as well as onboard equipment against 155mm shell fragments, 14.5 mm armor-piercing coverings, and also anti-personnel mines.”

In nuclear, organic, or chemical (NBC) warfare situations, “survivability is assured with the on-board air purification system and gas masks for the team.”
There are several variants of this tool.
The K9A1 was boosted “to run automatic fire control units better in the evening,” according to Hanwha Protection. On top of that, enhancements were made to the vehicle driver night vision periscopes as well as auxiliary power devices. “The K9A1 self-propelled howitzer boasts a lengthy shooting range, high-velocity firing, and also fast day/night variation for firing support as well as direct involvement. It likewise has excellent maneuverability and also capability to concentrate its firepower on choose targets.”

The K9A2 “will be an upgrade of the existing 155mm/52-caliber K9A1 Self-Propelled Gun, as it is to include better lethality, flexibility, and also survivability,” the firm claimed in a March news releases when revealing that it was working with Lockheed Martin to create the system for the UK.

Poland intends to get K9s in 2 tranches, with the possibility for a 3rd one in the future, according to

The first will certainly contain 48 K9A1 versions. Of those, 18 will be supplied from South Korea this year and also the rest following year. This is to backfill the AHS Krab cannons supplied to Ukraine.
The K9A1 variations Poland will certainly buy from the ROK will initially be retrofitted with the TOPAZ Integrated Fight Monitoring System.

TOPAZ features “sophisticated software program to be incorporated with different strike systems, allowing … exact ballistic estimations,” according to its manufacturer, the WB Group.

The K9A1s will be replaced by the K9PL version, beginning at some time around 2026, according to

That tranche will certainly include 624 K9PL variations of the K9A2, adjusted for Poland as well as geared up with the TOPAZ system. Shipments of this version are anticipated to start in 2024 as well as will certainly be produced in South Korea. Starting in 2026, the K9PL production is to begin in a new factory constructed in Poland. During that time, distributions will be made from both the Polish and Korean assembly line.
The ROK as well as Poland will also create a brand-new variant, called the K9PLA3, according to It will be generated in both countries.

FA-50 Combating Eagle Light Fighter-Trainer
The FA-50 Combating Eagle is a two-passenger, single-engine (GE-F404) light competitor based on Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) T-50 instructor.

The FA-50 was upgraded with a tactical data web link, an essential self-protection suite, as well as the capability to employ precision-guided artilleries. The FA-50 – which has a maximum speed of Mach 1.5, and a weaponry system that consists of a 20mm three-barreled gun, AIM-9 sidewinder missiles, and also the Joint Direct Assault Munition, or JDAM – has been deployed as well as operated in the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) because 2013.
Most of the 48 airplane being delivered to Poland will certainly be a version comparable to the FA-50 Block 20 variation being established by KAI, with AESA radars, Sniper targeting husks, AIM-9X Sidewinder air-to-air projectiles, and also the Web link 16 data-link system, according to
In the future, the magazine reported, it might be possible to arm this variation of the FA-50 with a medium-range air-to-air missile like the AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Rocket, or AMRAAM.

All distributions are prepared to be completed “in 2023, with 12 airplane in the current FA-50 Block 10 variation being supplied first, adhered to by 36 aircraft in the [Block 20-like] FA-50PL variation.”

Upon the conclusion of deliveries, the initial 12 airplane are to be updated to the FA-50PL variation.
” It is anticipated that a training center with simulators and a solution facility will certainly be integrated in Poland by around 2026,” according to the publication. “Prior to choosing the order, Polish pilots were currently flying FA-50 airplane in South Korea.”

Płatek, the spokesperson for the Polish Armaments Agency, “also pointed out that the Gloss Ministry of Defense is likewise curious about the opportunity of getting the new generation KF-21 Boramae multi-role combat aircraft” in the future, according to

That airplane simply made its first trip last week, as we outlined here.
The FA-50 is a fairly rational selection for Poland, as they run the Block 52+ F-16C/ Ds and will be obtaining the F-35A, as well. FA-50s are extremely capable in the configuration Poland will be getting them in, which includes an AESA radar. They will certainly have the ability to execute precision strike missions and air policing responsibilities, as well as work as innovative trainers and even opponents for Poland’s swiftly advancing innovative air fight fleet. They can do these things at a fraction of the cost of, state, an F-35A, and also maintain priceless airframe life on more advanced types. It isn’t clear at this time what airplane they will certainly replace, but Poland requires to displace its aging Soviet-era MiG-29 Pivot as well as Su-22 Fitter fleet. The FA-50 seems like a really affordable yet capable method of doing so.

There are still a great deal of information to be worked out in between the ROK and Poland, but the deal stands to obtain Poland the contemporary tools it needs fast and work as a significant benefit for South Korea’s defense sector.

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