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Vacation in Armenia

The Most Famous Summer and Winter Armenian Resorts

Armenia is the best alternative to season vacation: calm outdoor recreation in summer season, active skiing vacation in winter season. There are many places in the country, where you can enjoy the landscape beauty all year round. Almost all of the resorts in Armenia are suitable for all-seasons vacation.
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Vacation in Armenia

Ski Resort Tsahkadzor

Tsaghkadzor is wonderful, in its beauty, as well as one of the most popular health resorts in Armenia located in the Tsakhkuni mountains. The winter is warm enough, but the temperature is not above zero, which contributes to a long ski season.

The season opens in November and closes in April, which means that you can safely ride in the snow for almost six months. Tsaghkadzor is a great place to tickle your nerves and test your bravery: A lot of extreme activities you can do here such as zip line, skiing, ski slopes. The Tsaghkadzor is considering a famous resort in Armenia.

Lake Sevan


It is a fresh-water lake of extraordinary beauty, which provides the country with fish and fresh water. The shore of this picturesque lake is a comfortable place for recreation with hotels and homey recreational centers.

Resort Dilijan

Dilijan is an old and beautiful city as well as the main cultural center in Armenia. Dilijan is a famous balneological resort, which is called a Little Switzerland.The settlement is located at about 1500 m, in a calm and peaceful valley surrounded by mountains. Summer here is cool and calm, in winter there is a lot of light, and the air is dry. At the very peak of July, Dilijan is wonderful – the temperature is around +18 ° C, and coolness blows from the mountains.

Dilijan is known for its amazing landscapes and nature. One of the main sightseeings of Dilijan is the monastery complex called Haghartsin, as well another monastery complex called Goshavank. It’s worth mentioning the lake Parz with beautiful landscape and the park called Verev Rope for having fun and a great time.

Resort Dzhermug

Dzhermug is a resort, which is situated in an extraordinary picturesque place surrounded by a mountain group, scars and canyons.

Resort Aghveran

Aghveran is a village in Armenia in the Kotayk region. It is located in a mountainous area on the Dallar River at 1550 meters above sea level. The air here is clean and fresh. For those looking for a place to take a break from the city, you need to come here. Families come here in summer, and in winter for health improvement and active recreation.

Actually, the weather here is good and mild. Aghveran is considering the best place for winter vacations. There are a lot of winter activities you can do here. From skiing to snowboarding, as well as clean and fresh air.
The mountains and the amazing landscapes engage a lot of tourists. Many useful herbs and beautiful flowers grow here and people use them for tea or as a specific flavor in their food. The mountain air is considered healing in itself – the mountain climate in case of problems with the respiratory system; silence helps to relax, which is important for stress, nervous disorders
Aghveran is, first of all, a medical resort, so there are many sanatoriums here. One of the most popular is “Gandzakhbyur”, where including doctor consultation, thermal baths, massage, physiotherapy, physiotherapy exercises, etc.

Resort Jermuk

Jermuk is a resort town located near the Gerger State Wildlife Refuge. The resort area is famous for its thermal springs. It was on their basis that several sanatoriums were created that deal with the treatment of diseases of the skin and internal organs. In addition, natural conditions, including incredibly clean air, also contribute to health improvement. In addition, the city is famous for being located close to large national parks. Jermuk has everything that people undergoing treatment may need. The settlement is included in the list of the best medical resorts in the Caucasus.

The main sightseeings of Jermuk are mineral springs. Local water is famous for its healing power which can play a significant role in your healthy life.
The Arpi River flows here, and hot and cold springs with the purest water flow. This city is famous for its mild climate, sunny days, rich nature, and moderate humidity. People come to Jermuk to improve their health for a short period of time. Here Local boarding houses and sanatoriums treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gallbladders, musculoskeletal system, gynecological diseases, and much more. You can come here at any time and boost your health. Popular Jermuk sightseeings are  Mineral water gallery, Arpi Gorge, Jermuk Waterfall

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