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Georgian premium restaurant Sakartvelo was opened in Philadelphia, USA.

Georgian Restaurant “Sakartvelo” Hosts Guests in Philadelphia.
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Georgian Restaurant “Sakartvelo” Hosts Guests in Philadelphia.

According to the founder of the restaurant, Imeda Londaridze, he invested a total of USD 300,000 in the facility. The restaurant has two floors and hosts 70 guests. The recently opened restaurant can employ 10 people.

“In downtown Philadelphia, there was no Georgian restaurant despite the demand. Our restaurant opened early in November and we already have quite a lot of guests. Sakartvelo offers only Georgian dishes. Among them are: Adjarian khachapuri, khinkali and others. We don’t cook American or European dishes here,” explained Imeda Londaridze.

Regarding personnel and pay, according to Londaridze, finding a good Georgian chef in the USA is no longer difficult, while it was not an easy process about three years ago.

“As of recently, there has been a deficiency of staff in the USA, today this is as of now not an issue. Numerous expert Georgians have shown up and are searching for a task. Georgian food needs a Georgian culinary expert, and today this is presently not an issue. The typical day to day compensation in our eatery goes from USD 150 to USD 200-300,” – said the founder of restaurant Sakartvelo.

The restaurant will have a turnover of USD 3 – USD 4 million per year. Imeda Londaridze has been developing a restaurant business since 2016. Currently, he owns three restaurants: Georgian Bread Cuisine, Little Georgia and Sakartvelo.

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