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one of the tallest hotels in the world

Flame Towers offers luxury

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, offers a unique blend of the ancient and the new, from conventional souks, mosques, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to futuristic skyscrapers.
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The Flame Towers, a trio of extremely tall buildings that resemble fire tongues stretching over the Caspian Sea, are among the most stunning additions to the contemporary cityscape.
They are the tallest structures in Azerbaijan and were created by the American architectural firm HOK, with Tower 1 towering at 182 meters.

A residential structure, an office building, and a modern five-star hotel, the 165-meter-tall Fairmont Baku, are all available for visitors to stay in.

The towers are visible from practically anywhere in the city, but at night they come to life. LED lights in the colors of orange, red, and pink dance across the towers like blazing flames.
They have come to represent home for some people in Baku.

“You can see Flame Towers as you fly into the airport, lit up with multicolored lights and shining the way,” fashion designer and media professional Nina Zandnia tells. “They’re the sign that lets everybody know they’ve reached Azerbaijan.”

A magnificent chandelier that uses five kilometers of strands, is embellished with 840 lights and more than 600,000 crystal beads, and weighs a massive two metric tons dominates the venue’s seven-story foyer.
A limited edition black and red Fazioli, one of the highest priced pianos in the world, is prominently displayed below. According to reports, Nigar Jamal and Eldar Gasimov were accompanied by The M Liminal, created by NYT Line and Philippe Gendre, during their performance that helped Azerbaijan win the 2011 Eurovision song contest.
It is no longer utilized in any informal jam sessions; instead, only the best pianists use it on rare occasions.

Sea views

More than 300 rooms, suites, and serviced apartments, with nightly rates ranging from $170 to more than $5,000, are located in the tower.
Even the most modest accommodations come with luxuriously huge double beds and floor to ceiling windows. With luxurious carpeting and contemporary furniture, the decor is a combination of contemporary luxury. Each of the hotel’s rooms is roomy and comfortable, and they either have views of the city or the sea across the bay.

A typical one-bedroom apartment on the 17th floor provides access to the Fairmont Gold lounge on the 19th floor, which has a private check-in area and concierge service, views of the Caspian Sea, and, if qualified.
The breathtaking landing with views of the harbor is reached after taking the lightning-quick elevator to the 17th floor. A lobby space, more breathtaking vistas, and an office/dining room with a wooden desk and a four-seat dining table are all found inside the suite.

The royal suite

Nice touches, but is the hotel popular with celebrities? Yes, according to Zumrud Ismayilova, the hotel’s manager of PR and marketing. The list reportedly includes politicians, royals, and celebrities, yet no names are given.

“We have had many VIP guests stay at the hotel, but we would never disclose who they are,” she tells. “When our guests come to stay with us, they expect privacy and confidentiality and that is exactly what we give them.”

The Royal Suite, located at the very tip of the flame, has spectacular view of both the city and the sea. The entire living area is 375 square meters (4,036 square feet), which includes two bedrooms, each with an en suite bathroom, a lounge, a private dining room, a study, a guest bathroom, a kitchen, and a grand corridor with a chandelier.

“The VIP or family will stay in the suite, but the rest of their party tends to take over the entire floor. We have additional rooms for security and staff, and a suite for extra family members,” explains Ismayilova.

There is an open-plan living space, a private study, a dining room large enough to accommodate 12 or more people, and a fully functional kitchen (for the servants, of course). But the main attraction is the grand en suite bathroom with a vast oyster-shaped bath complete with window view over the bay.


The hotel facilities come in a variety. An beautiful spa with an indoor pool, sauna, hot tub, hammam, and relaxing areas is located on two floors of the hotel. A fully equipped gym is also available.
The exquisitely created Sky Garden offers visitors the luxury of taking it easy on the sundeck or enjoying the poolside sauna while gazing out at the sea. There is an outdoor bar and S-shaped rooftop pool, which appear nicer from a distance than up close.
It is advisable to go there in the evening. When the sun is up, the towers reflect the light and increase the heat in the area, turning it into a frying pan.

Food and entertainment

The main Le Bistro restaurant offers a variety of regional Azerbaijani wines and specialties, as one could expect from an upscale hotel inside one of the nation’s most iconic buildings. Specialty teas, pastries, and sushi are available at the Balcon café throughout the afternoons.

Most hotels are unable to offer a shopping center or a cinema, two services. Offering both is Fairmont Flame Towers.

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