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Mountainous of Adjara, Georgia

If you have visited Ajara at least once, you must have seen locals who are incredibly devoted to their home. They will persuade you that their municipality is the best in all of Ajara, no matter what region of the country they are from. Simply visit Keda, Shuakhevi, and Khulo in the municipalities of Ajara to have the best impressions. Each of them stands out for its delectable cuisine as well as its rich culture and traditions. Discover Ajara’s diversity for yourself!
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Shuakhevi, a traditional Adjarian region, is located in the heart of Adjara on the Meskheti and Shavsheti mountain ranges. Most locals work in agriculture, animal husbandry, and tobacco cultivation. Shuakhevi is the greatest spot to go if you prefer eating healthy, organic food. Here, you may take in the natural splendor, stay in guesthouses, learn about local culture, and go on difficult mountain climbs through alpine meadows. Chamois, wild boar, jackals, and other animals can be found in the woodlands, along with the typical Caucasian flora of beech, oak, and numerous coniferous plants. Do not pass up the opportunity to taste the traditional Shuakhevi cuisine, which primarily consists of dairy products, when visiting the area.

Activities in Shuakhevi:

  1. See the shepherds’ villages
  2. Taste the tobacco (tutuni) from Shuakhevi;
  3. Visit the Furtio Arch Bridge and the Otolta Fortress;
  4. Take part in the harvesting of tobacco;
  5. Meet a brown bear on forest paths :)
  6. Ride a horse in a forest

What to see:
Fortresses: Nigazeuli (18th century), Kaviani (12-13th centuries), Okropilauri (11-12th centuries), Darchidzeebi (12-13th centuries), Otolta (11-13th centuries), Changchalo (12-13th centuries), Tsinareti ( 11-12 centuries).

Shuttle buses depart from the old Batumi bus station (1, Mayakovsky st. ) every hour. The cost is about 4-5 GEL. Intra-village shuttle buses departs directly from the district center. Distance from Batumi: 85 km.

Khulo is one of Adjara’s most magnificent and mountainous regions. You should definitely visit this place if you enjoy adventures, long walks, skiing on snow, jeep tours, and other extreme activities. You can take in the breathtaking beauty of Khulo’s Green Lake (Mtsvane Tba), which is distinguished by the fact that it never freezes over during the winter. The Schalta Monastery and the Khikhani fortification, which are located at a breathtaking yet reachable height, are two of the many cultural and historical landmarks in Khulo. The subalpine zone, coniferous forests, beech groves, and alpine meadows all contribute to the unique terrain and climate of this region. When you arrive, make sure to taste the local cuisine, including kaymagi, borano, sinori, and nagbibora. Khulo is home to a number of resorts, including the ski resort Goderdzi and the climatic resort Beshumi.

Activities in Khulo:

  1. Try Adjarian cheese;
  2. Visit the Khikhani fortress and swim in the Green Lake in summer;
  3. See the Shalta Monastery;
  4. Walk through the alpine meadows;
  5. Taste local potatoes.

What to see:
Alpine Botanical Garden, Khikhani Fortress (12th century), Tsikhiskeli-Vardtsikhe complex (11th century), Skhalta Monastery (12th century), Uchkho Bridge (11-13th centuries), Sherif Khimshiashvili Museum in Skhalta Gorge, ruins of religious buildings.

Shuttle buses depart from the old Batumi bus station (1, Mayakovsky st. ) every hour. The cost is about 5 GEL.Intra-village shuttle buses departs directly from the district center. Distance from Batumi: 85 km.

One of the oldest Georgian professions is winemaking! Not surprisingly, practically everyone connects Georgia and wine. The Adjarian wine industry is centered in the municipality of Keda. There are several different grape species grown here, but Tsolikauri and Chkhaveri are the most well-known. The white grape variety used to make dry white wine is Tsolikauri, whereas the late-harvest pinkish-colored grape variety Chkhaveri. You can taste these wines directly in the wineries in the villages of the Keda district where locals work in the wine industry. Aside from its mouthwatering wine, Keda is renowned for its waterfalls (in the villages of Makhunceti, Merisi, and Gobroneti), creeks, rivers, historical sites (including old bridges, the ruins of forts and churches, mosques), museums, and just lovely villages. Vacations in Keda are incredibly enjoyable and unforgettable thanks to the availability of guest homes and a wide range of catering choices.

Activities in Keda:

  1. Document the Dandalo and Queen Tamara’s bridges in the villages of Makhuntseti and Dandalo by taking pictures;
  2. Make a toast while drinking wine at a nearby winery;
  3. Swim under the Makhuntseti waterfall and in the backwaters of «Gvakha» in Merisi;
  4. Taste the river trout and mineral water from Kokotauri;
  5. If you are visiting Georgia in October, join in the grape harvest;

What to see:
Stone arch bridge in Makhuntseti (12th c.), Stone arch bridge in Dandalo (10th c.), Sagoreti bridge (11–12th c.), Tsivasula fortress (12–13 c.), Sagoreti fortress (11–12 c.) , Gulebi fortress (12-13 centuries), Zendidi fortress (17-19 centuries).

Shuttle buses depart from Central Old Batumi bus station (1, Mayakovsky st.) every hour (Cost: 3-4 GEL). Intra-village shuttle buses departs directly from the district center. Distance from Batumi: 40 km.



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