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NO EUROPE WITHOUT UKRAINE: Complete message of Donald Tusk’s historical address to the Ukrainian parliament

The Head of state of the European Council positioned Ukraine at the actual heart of the European story in an effective address to note the 5th wedding anniversary of the nation’s 2013-14 Transformation of Self-respect

The Head Of State of the European Council Donald Tusk provided a historical address to the Ukrainian parliament on 19 February that positioned Ukraine’s 2013-14 transformation and also succeeding resist Russian aggressiveness in a more comprehensive European context. In his speech, Tusk stated there might be no simply Europe without an independent Ukraine and also no risk-free Europe without a secure Ukraine. Below is the complete message of Tusk’s address equated from the initial Ukrainian right into English:


I have actually pertained to you on the 5th wedding anniversary of the significant Maidan occasions, on the wedding anniversary of the Transformation of Self-respect, to say thanks to all Ukrainians and also their reps collected below, regardless of celebration departments, different passions or ideological conflicts. I have actually come below as the Head of state of the European Council, yet likewise as a Post, your closest neighbor, and also a genuine and also fully commited buddy.

First of all, I want to thanks for your willpower. You persisted throughout one of the most tough minutes in your background, therefore you will certainly proceed, honored and also unbeatable, despite geopolitics, despite the malign objectives of a hostile neighbor, and also despite the indifference and also pretension of several essential stars on the international political phase. You persisted, although your good friends and also allies do not constantly provide you adequate support. I understand this far better than a lot of. I likewise understand, from my very own and also my nation’s experience, that the sensation of being alone in times of risk is often even worse than the adversary’s assault. To today I still bear in mind words of a rhyme by Halyna Kruk, created throughout those significant days in February:.

‘ Most Of Us, Europe, are so deeply stressed,
several of us, in fact, to fatality.
Clear out YouTube regularly
so your people are not struck by the wrongs below.
Several of our individuals will certainly never ever see you with their very own eyes.
Yet your vision, Europe, is stopping working, as well, as you decline to see
their messed up eyes and also gunfire injuries.
Some will certainly no more be able, Europe – do not be mad –
to also connect a hand to you (unless it’s prosthetic!),
to also touch the society of your previous centuries.
Watch your boundaries, Europe,
so it does not touch you by mishap,
pay attention thoroughly, in situation we are still sobbing out
as we are pistol-whipped, kicked by army boots and also struck by batons.’

Yet a lot of us heard your cry and also we heard what it implied. We comprehended. Also if, for some individuals, it took a very long time. Which is why I can stand prior to you today and also reiterate, not just on my very own part, yet in behalf of the entire of the European Union: we are with you and also we wish to remain to assist you. I can declare the opening words of our Organization Arrangement: I can state that Europe will certainly never ever acknowledge the Russian addition of Crimea and also will certainly not go down the assents unless Russia meets its dedications. Neither will certainly the EU approve any kind of acts of physical violence in the Sea of Azov. I will certainly do every little thing in my power to make sure that the EU continues to be unified in this regard.

Second of all, I want to thanks for your nerve. The ‘Heavenly Hundred’ have actually gotten in the pantheon of not just Ukrainian, yet European heroes. And also to all the moms of the dropped, I wish to assure you that Europe will certainly remember your kids. The lesson in nerve that you provided the entire globe that February 5 years earlier has actually transformed all of us. Ukraine has actually revealed that it deserves being bold and also suitable, that good can dominate wicked, that heroism can be something greater than just a program of precepts, that it can be the trick to triumph. You offered to lots of people worldwide, to the degraded and also oppressed, the best present: hope– that for them as well, for those that currently are weak, that day of triumph will certainly come.

The old-time slogan of my city, Gdańsk, is ‘nec temere, nec timide’, frankly and also reasonably. Therefore, third, I thanks for your vigilance, for the reality that your romanticism became very practical, that your defend the freedom and also stability of Ukraine is not just brave resistance to aggressiveness, yet likewise a methodical reform of your nation, a well-balanced financial healing, sensible and also constant diplomacy. When essential, heroes; when essential, pragmatists with your feet securely on the ground– that is exactly how the globe sees you today.

Furthermore, I want to thanks for your Europeanness. I will certainly constantly bear in mind seeing heaven flags with their yellow celebrities on Khreshchatyk throughout the transformation, the ‘Ode to Pleasure’ having fun after that in numerous locations throughout Ukraine. I usually claim to my associates in Brussels: do not show them Europe; gain from them what Europe implies. Today I want to duplicate to you words I as soon as stated to EU leaders: just those that stand with Ukraine can genuinely call themselves European.

Those that want to market out Ukraine are offering out the future of Europe. It is no mishap that political leaders that wonder about European combination generally likewise wonder about the stability of Ukraine. Inform me what you think of Ukraine, and also you will certainly be informing me what you think of Europe.

When we Poles began on our roadway to Europe, Pope John Paul II informed the globe: ‘There can be no simply Europe without an independent Poland’. Therefore today I wish to claim that there can be no simply Europe without an independent Ukraine. That there can be no risk-free Europe without a secure Ukraine. To place it just: there can be no Europe without Ukraine!

So thanks once more for every little thing. Yet as your buddy I really feel as though I can likewise offer you some suggestions. God prohibited I must teach to you; I understand you have actually had sufficient of all those smart individuals that understand far better than you what Ukraine must appear like. Nevertheless, no person can inform their hosts exactly how to prepare their house. I recognize that and also it is not my intent to conflict in your job. Yet maybe you will certainly approve my suggestions, since it is supplied a great heart. There are 5 points I want to claim.

First. Do not suggest way too much throughout the upcoming political elections. Your background, like my very own nation’s background, reveals us that inner dispute within our 2 nations is the best present we can consider that 3rd nation. Keep in mind, as well, that your adversaries in Europe are waiting on any kind of pretense to damage the uniformity that exists in between Brussels and also Kyiv. A bitter dispute among yourselves would certainly be such a pretense. So suggest in small amounts and also stay unified on those issues that are one of the most essential for Ukraine.

2nd: be tenacious in denying the attraction of extreme nationalism and also populism, as you have actually done so much. If we enable its renewal, in Ukraine and also in Europe, we will undoubtedly come down right into dispute, and also egoism and also particularism will certainly spoil our political neighborhood. The feedback to nationalism is usually simply one more kind of nationalism, and also the repercussions are simple to anticipate. The structures of a joined Europe are settlement as opposed to retribution, uniformity as opposed to self-involvement, historic reality as opposed to publicity. The unsafe attraction of extreme populism is substantiated of instabilities and also weak point. Yet today Ukrainians have a right and also factor to really feel honored and also solid as a country. Ukraine is undue to require the medicine of populism.

Third: do not simulate those neighbors and also those European political leaders that wish to encourage all of us that freedom based upon flexibility, civils rights, regard for minorities, and also flexibility of idea and also speech is a relic, an antique state version, which it is time for tyrannical freedom. What remains in the passions of our people and also of Europe all at once is the protection of essential worths. Nevertheless, that is likewise what the heroes of the Transformation of Self-respect craved.

My 4th item of suggestions: collaborate to develop a truthful nation. I will certainly not stand below and also offer a lecture on corruption; you have actually currently revealed that you prepare to eliminate versus it. I just ask you all to think that authority needs to be truthful and also clear, not since that is what the European Union needs, yet since it remains in the passions of your people. Do not keep back from making favorable adjustments, also if for some they might hurt.

My 5th and also last item of suggestions. Rely on youngsters. A couple of days ago I invited a team of trainees to Brussels, amongst them a variety of Ukrainians. They asked me to inform you today that their generation is currently prepared to handle the obligation of Ukraine’s future. Since nevertheless, they are the future. 5 years ago young Ukrainians passed an examination, and also several of them paid the best rate. If they rely on themselves, today you can rely on them as well.

Lengthy live the memory of the heroes of your background!
Lengthy live the uniformity and also unity of Europe!
Lengthy live the freedom and also safety of Ukraine!

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