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Adjara (Adzharia) Georgia

Scenic tours, Tourist Attractions and also Points To Do in Adjara

Tours, Attractions and also Points To Do in Adjara (Adzharia) The location of Adjara is 2.900 kilometres sq. From the west and also the northwest Adjara is cleaned by the Black Sea, in the south it approaches Turkey( 121-km boundary). Depending upon ecological problems the area of Adjara is split right into maritime and also hilly.
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Adjarian food resembles nationwide Georgian with small distinctions in food preparation means. The very best Adjarian recipes are hot kharcho, tender satsivi, and also juicy khinkali. Specifically baked Adjarian khachapuri and also achma (a smoke pie with cheese) and also borani (baked milk, suluguni cheese, butter and also eggs).


Adjara was among the critical locations of old Colchis kingdom (6th-3rd centuries BC). The seaside cities of Adjara – Pichvnari, Batumi, Apsaros (Honio)) and also others played a vital function in political and also financial life of Colchis kingdom and also later on of Iberian state whose framework additionally consisted of Adjara.

Religious Beliefs

In the 1 st century advertisement Christianity discovered its method to Adjara. Nonetheless, Turkey, which controlled there for practically 3 centuries, energetically went after Islamization of Christian populace. Today the variety of Moslems in Adjara makes regarding 30 %. They live primarily in the backwoods. They develop and also bring back mosques. According to the most recent figure info there are 62 mosques in the Republic consisting of the one in Batumi.


Given that the area of Adjara is split right into hilly and also marine components its alleviation is extremely varied. The hilly component is controlled by the Minor Caucasus ridges with typical elevations of 2,000-2,500 m. The maritime one is inhabited by bogs– Kobuletian, Kakhaberian and also Goniya; altitudes, ridges (Shuakhevsky, Arsian, Adjara – Imeretin). The greatest is Mount Kann (3,007 m over the water level).


In the southwest of Adjara there live aboriginals – Georgians, vigorously detached their country of origin and also transformed Moslems in the days of Turkish supremacy. However, Adjara have actually protected their nationwide personality and also indigenous Georgian language. Currently they are tough to identify from Georgians, besides some typical means.


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