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The best weather for travelling in Georgia

The truth is that there isn’t a “ideal time to visit Georgia”. Every season has something unique to offer!
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It can be challenging to choose the perfect time of year to travel to Georgia, let alone the optimum month. Georgia’s geography and climate are remarkably varied for such a tiny country; the east is significantly different from the west, and the many mountains and coast all have their own unique microclimates.

Georgia’s climate is highly diverse for a relatively small country, with the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea both contributing to the various climates. In general, the east is drier but colder, and the west is wetter but warmer. Especially in the lowlands around Tbilisi, May, June, or September are the best times to visit Georgia because you may avoid the stifling summer heat and humidity as well as the cold winter. Autumn harvest season is well worth mentioning, especially in and around Kakheti’s vineyards. No matter when you travel, you must have quick-drying and waterproof clothing because the weather can change suddenly.

June through October are the best months to visit Georgia. Summer activities like hiking, rafting, paragliding, and fishing come back to life in June, and fruit like cherry plums, kiwis, mulberries, apricots, and loquats are in season. The months of June through September are ideal for combining beach vacations with mountain hiking. September is a “golden” month since Rtveli is already charming in the fall while it’s still warm enough for summer activities. Winter months offer a special mood; from late December to early January, skiing, sweet gozinaki, and tangerines dominate.

However, there are definitely some months that are more suitable for travel. In this month-by-month guide to Georgia weather, you’ll find the answers you need.

The busiest travel seasons for Georgians are July and August, when Tbilisi and the lowlands can turn uncomfortable hot and visitor hotels is crowded. Though it is the only time you can guarantee snow-free hiking in the Caucasus, this is a nice time in the mountainous regions.

Although temperatures in the lowlands are most pleasant in September and early October, snowfall can begin as early as September in the mountains.

Low season lasts from November to April, with cold temperatures starting in December, January, and sometimes even into February. Winter sports season is already in full flow, and there are a ton of open-air events.

April is frequently marked by snowy weather, while May is wet and pleasant, with wildflowers filling the landscape and mountain walking trails becoming once more accessible.

Visit Georgia in June if you want to avoid the summer crowds and enjoy mild weather.

Georgia, which is set in between the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains, is a great example of how nature and history can mix. Georgia offers numerous beautiful churches, charming villages, historic monasteries, breathtaking mountains, amazing gastronomy, and high-class wines. Every time you go there, regardless of season or the month, you’ll experience something new and leave with a lasting impression.

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