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the Georgian Parliament

The Legal Affairs Committee Establishes 5 Operating Teams to Meet 12-point Referrals of the EU

The Legal Affairs Committee of the Georgian Parliament established 5 functioning teams to meet the 12 problems specified by the European Union.
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The adhering to teams were developed:

A team dealing with the advancement of a draft regulation on deoligarchization;

A team dealing with judicial reform;

A team dealing with alteration to the Electoral Code;

A team dealing with anti-corruption actions and also more institutional conditioning of the Unique Examination Solution and also Personal Information Defense Solution.

According to Anri Okhanashvili, Chairman of the Legal Matters Board, the Board is relocating to an extensive job procedure in regards to the application of the referrals of the European Union.

“The organizational issues related to the first meetings with specific focus groups and political parties have practically been completed. With the direct involvement of the Speaker of the Parliament and under his leadership, we, within the framework of the 12-point plan, held meetings regarding all points, first of all, with the political parties, and they are fully aware of how the process will proceed. Accordingly, all the political groups that decided to participate in this process, be it the Georgian Dream political team or opposition political groups, attended these working meetings and are still represented here today, which is welcome and correct. We act in accordance with the first point. One of the main purposes of depolarization is dialogue between political parties to work on a specific issue.

“Regarding other political groups, the opponents, who act against this process directly oppose the first point concerning depolarization, since the alternative groups they have created, which have neither political nor legal legitimacy, are nothing but polarization and the deepening of this polarization. We are acting within the scope of our responsibility, and in accordance with our responsibility we are moving to an intensive work process”, stated Okhanashvili.

The functioning teams consist of the intrigue Georgian Dream and also component of the legislative resistance, agents of civil culture (Georgian National Platform of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum) and also state firms, in addition to various other stakeholders.

From the parliamentary opposition, representatives of Citizens, European Socialists and Girchi will participate in the activities of the working groups

According to Anri Okhanashvili, the representatives of the President of Georgia, based on their desire, will certainly check the tasks of the functioning teams.

If wanted, global companies will certainly additionally have the possibility to check the procedure.



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