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Foreign trade of Georgia

Top ten Foreign trade partner countries of Georgia in January-July 2022

Georgia’s international profession turn over for the initial 7 months of 2022 went beyond $10.1 billion, which is 35.3% greater than in January-July last year.

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Initial information is released by the National Statistical Solution of Georgia “Sakstat”.

Imports represent greater than $7 billion (+34.8%) as well as exports for $3.1 billion (+35.4%).

The unfavorable equilibrium has to do with $4 billion, which is 39.1% of the overall international profession turn over.

The share of the 10 biggest trading companion nations in Georgia’s international profession is 68.8%. Ukraine is the only nation with which profession quantities have actually dropped, however it still stays in the leading 10.

10 primary trading companions of Georgia in January-July 2022

Nation Turn over Share of turn over

Turkey $1.5 billion 14.9%

Russia $1.2 billion 11.9%

China $1 billion 10.7%

Azerbaijan $734.7 million 7.2%

United States $659.8 million 6.5%

Armenia $593.4 million 5.8%

Bulgaria $362.8 million 3.6%

Germany $355.8 million 3.5%

Ukraine $276.9 million 2.7%

Romania $194 million 1.9%

What Georgia offers as well as purchases

A large range of products are exported from Georgia – copper ores as well as focuses, ferroalloys, nitrogen plant foods, all-natural grape wines, spirits, cars and trucks, medications, and so on

In January-July 2022, exports of electrical power raised one of the most – by 337.3%, nitrogen plant foods – by 236.6%, ferroalloys – by 55%. Amongst the primary export products, the decrease was kept in mind just in the team “mineral and fresh water” – by 30.2%.

The primary share of imports to Georgia is commonly stood for by cars and trucks – 759.7 thousand bucks (a rise of 49.1%), oil as well as oil items – 718.7 thousand bucks (a rise of 77.5%), copper ores as well as focuses – 490.9 thousand bucks (a rise of 24.1%), oil gases as well as various other aeriform hydrocarbons – 244.6 thousand bucks (a rise of 35.9%), medications – 234.2 thousand bucks (a rise of 14.9%), along with telephones, computer systems equipments as well as their blocks, vehicles, excavators, electric motor , excavators, rollers


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