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Opposition party in Georgia

United National Movement of Georgia Ask For Very Early Political Elections

Nika Melia, Chairperson of the biggest resistance celebration in Georgia, the United National Movement (UNM), led an instruction on 5 September which stressed that “today’s window of unique opportunity may close soon… that is why, in order to alleviate the existing political crisis, early elections should be held in Georgia.”
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Throughout the rundown, the UNM chairperson emphasized that “the oligarch’s ‘Russian Dream’ [a derogatory term used to refer to the ruling Georgian Dream party] is doing everything against joining the European family [and] against European values. The government has defied the people and such a government should be replaced soon.”
Because context, Chair Melia provided a three-step calculated strategy for holding very early political elections and also obtaining European Union prospect standing, beginning with the celebration’s strategies to arrange a range of political tasks and also objections of different kinds to require very early political elections.

2nd, the celebration prepares to keep constant interaction with residents, both in city and also country setups, regarding “the need to protect the European choice and early elections.”
Ultimately, the celebration prepares to keep “intensive communication” with international companions that the UNM chairperson specified have actually recognized that “under the conditions of the Russian Dream, Georgia has turned away from the Western path and has chosen a Russian orientation.”

“… By generating broad public engagement and international pressure, political activities and protests with increasing scale, intensity, and momentum, we must force the government to call early elections,” Chair Melia specified.
“Unlike in previous years, today there are all the prerequisites for the battle to end in victory,” he claimed.
“With early elections, everyone will choose the party they want, but we will all have the chance to be able to choose Europe together and individually,” Chair Melia wrapped up.



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