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Protests after high school shooting

Wartime symbolic stamp from Ukraine

Ukrainian postal service
Wartime symbolic stamp from Ukraine
Wartime symbolic stamp from Ukraine

As a representation of the nation’s brave resistance to Putin’s invasion, a new Ukrainian postage stamp grabbed headlines around the world in April. The commemorative stamp shows one of the most famous scenes from the war, when a Ukrainian unit stationed on Snake Island in the Black Sea refused Russian requests to submit by yelling, “Russian Warship, Go F*ck Yourself.”
This phrase was immediately adopted as the Ukrainian war slogan and soon started showing up on billboards all around the country, and not only. Ukrainian postal service UkrPoshta’s officials were inspired to organize a national online campaign for a commemorative stamp. This led to the formation of a design which might properly be considered to as an “quick classic”.
The day after the stamp was published, the Moskva, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, was destroyed, which added the excitement. The Moskva, which is depicted on the stamp, was the ship involved in the now-famous conflict on Snake Island. Two Ukrainian Neptune missiles fired from a coastal battery during the operation, using drone to sink it.

Ukrainians waited for hours to get this tiny piece of history as the success of Ukraine in sinking the Moskva added to the excitement surrounding the stamp. This victory sparked a rush of international news headlines and prolonged lines at post offices across the country. Plans to increase online sales were derailed in late April by a cyber-attack on UkrPoshta’s leaders by furious Russians.
One million warship stamps were printed by the Ukrainian postal service, and none will be made in the future. But, on the other hand, an updated version of the stamp will be released, reflecting the reality that the Russian warship go to the predicted destination.

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