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Discover Ajara – Seaside of Georgia! - StreamPress

Sea, Sun and Happiness

Discover Ajara – Seaside of Georgia!

Ajara is associated to the sea, the sun, and the happiness. This little region is distinguished by a wide range of sea destinations because of its distinctive nature. For visitors of various tastes, the 21-kilometer beach and subtropical climate guarantee a relaxing getaway. It just depends on your imagination which path you take!
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The main city of Ajara is Batumi. It will certainly attract you with its gorgeous streets, a mix of contemporary as well as historical structures, city coffee shops as well as colourfulness. Kobuleti – with evergreen, eco coastlines as well as a wealth of cottages – clubs, where youths appreciate their time till the early morning. Green Cape, Chakvi, Tsikhisdziri near Kobuleti – will certainly charm you with their verdancy as well as sea. Gonio, Kvariati as well as Sarpi are a genuine heaven for comfortable holiday enthusiasts– a stunning mix of sea as well as mountains, peaceful coastlines. And also if you wish to spend the night proactively, simply a couple of kilometers away is Batumi, where life remains in full swing in the evening.


It is without a doubt that Batumi is main beach vacation destination in contemporary Georgia and one of the most significant port cities along the entire Black Sea coast. Visitors to the city may spend a pleasant time relaxing and taking in the diversity of entertainment thanks to the well-developed tourism infrastructure and the availability of branded hotels.

The end of May Batumi’s swimming season starts, the sea temperature reaches about +18°C. At the peak of the summer season, the sea warms up to +27 degrees. The summertime air temperature ranges from +24°C to +30°C (sometimes higher). In Batumi, there are many cafes and restaurants offering traditional Georgian and European cuisine, including two McDonalds. The main attractions are located in the Old Town and Batumi Boulevard.


It is among the primary cities on the Black Sea shore of Ajara. It lies 20 kilometres north of Batumi, in a subtropical environment area.

In wintertime the temperature level hardly ever goes down listed below +5 ° C, as well as in summer season it varies from +25 ° C to +30 ° C. It seldom snows below as well as extremely heats are not normal. The sea heats up to 27 ° С.

The coastline is fairly vast as well as with stones like Batumi, primarily great stones. Kobuleti is a town as well as the sea is within a couple of mins from any kind of location. The community has several resorts of various celebrity rankings (consisting of 5 *), along with coffee shops, dining establishments, bars, as well as clubs. Also,  the park “Tsitsinatela”, Kintrishi National Forest as well as Petra Citadel (sixth c.) lie near Kobuleti.

Makhinjauri – Green Cape

Green Cape lies 9 kilometres from Batumi, while Makhinjauri lies 7 kilometres away.

Green Cape is among one of the most one-of-a-kind locations in Georgia. This is where the Batumi Botanical Garden lies, which mores than a a century old as well as has a collection of unusual plants brought from around the globe. The one-of-a-kind microclimate, the closeness of the sea as well as the hills give an outstanding chance for leisure as well as entertainment.

Makhinjauri is understood for its”Sulfur Baths” The health complicated was produced after among the visitors found the recovery thermal springtimes. The complex is currently under reconstruction.


Gonio is a negotiation situated 12 kilometres south of Batumi, near the Georgian-Turkish boundary as well as on the side of the river Chorokhi.

Here you will find many seaside villas. A family guest house business is also very developed. The sea water in Gonio is very clean and glimmering. The beaches are very close to the mountains, which has a positive effect on the microclimate and also makes the rest here aesthetically pleasing.

Here is also Gonio-Apsaros Fortress, one of Georgia’s most significant historical sites. You can find out more about the history of these locations by visiting the fortress’ museum.


20 kilometers from Batumi is the border village and resort of Sarpi. The area of neighboring Turkey can be seen from here. Here, the sea is not far from the mountains. Although the beach is not very large, it is the only location in Ajara where cliff jumping is permitted.

Both hotels and private homes for guests are options. The ancient Laz subgroup of Georgians, who still preserve their ancient culture and language. And the advantage, you can drive or walk across the Sarpi border checkpoint to enter Turkey.

Borena Kuliashvili

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