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Certain forces are actively dragging Georgia into war – Ivanishvili

Regardless of the huge troubles, the ruling group functioned correctly, took an appropriate and also principled setting, and the primary trouble, the first stage of the threat of battle, has already relapsed, – this is mentioned in the declaration of the former Head of state of Georgia Bidzina Ivanishvili.

According to him, “thanks to these efforts, the instant risk of Georgia’s participation in the battle has been counteracted as high as possible today.”

Ivanishvili clarifies that “certain pressures actively tried to drag Georgia right into the battle, and this need as well as goal, however, is still relevant today.”

“Firstly, I intend to once more share my deep respect for the Georgian culture, which has consistently verified that it is true to European values.

Thirty years after the repair of freedom, the Georgian people have once more revealed today that self-respect, freedom and also freedom are their essential values. At the same time, Georgian culture proved to everyone that, despite a short democratic experience, it has the wisdom that makes it possible to adequately cope with one of the most tough difficulties.

It has actually been a year and also a fifty percent since I informed the public of my choice to retire from politics, and ever since I have actually completely abided as well as have actually complied with my decision. During this entire duration, I launched the only public declaration, and afterwards just to stop anybody from guessing on my name. I did not desire not only me, however also my aspect to have any kind of influence on political procedures, as well as this was and is the reason for my total distancing from public area.

At the same time, as the kid of this nation as well as one of its fans, normally, I am viewing the occasions occurring in Georgia with all my focus. Against the background of the most difficult political situation in the region, Georgia and also its ruling team have had to go with very uncomfortable procedures in recent months. The scenario for Georgia as well as its authorities is specifically complicated by the fact that certain pressures actively attempted to involve Georgia in the battle, and also this need and also goal, unfortunately, are still pertinent today.

In spite of the enormous troubles, the judgment group worked appropriately, took an appropriate as well as right-minded setting, and has already conquer the primary problem, the initial stage of the risk of war. Thanks to these initiatives, the immediate risk of Georgia’s participation in the battle has actually now been reduced the effects of to the maximum. Nevertheless, I want to note right here that certain dangers still continue to be up until completion of the battle in Ukraine, and both the authorities and culture have to be as cautious as feasible so that Georgia ultimately prevents a deadly battle.

At the same time, today, when the instant threat of war has currently been reduced the effects of as much as feasible, I think that the ruling team has the possibility to change its focus to an additional major concern to a higher degree as well as ensure that Georgia’s relations with its strategic partner, the United States of America and the European Union, are not damaged.

As for my personal issue, which arose in relations with a Swiss bank as well as is still relevant today, I think that it has a direct link with the procedures happening in Georgia. Nevertheless, considered that Georgia has almost dealt with the tight spot and the instant risk of battle has actually passed, I choose to leave the partnership in between me and the Swiss bank my personal trouble and not needlessly enforce this trouble on society. It does not matter below what I prepared to spend the funds stopped by the Swiss financial institution – for personal objectives or for public demands. I choose that society in all cases take into consideration the problem produced by the bank as my individual issue. Fairly detailed explanations on this case were made by my lawyer and also will be carried out in the future.

For me, the main point is that Georgia can lastly and properly leave one of the most tight spot and preserve peace, as well as I will certainly look after my personal problem myself, and also I will certainly not try to overload society with this problem.

To conclude, given that the issue of holding a conference in between me and also the US Ambassador after the outbreak of war in Ukraine was openly elevated, I would love to clear up to the public that such a meeting did take place at the demand of the Ambassador on March 21, and lasted for about 3 hrs, “the declaration states. Bidzina Ivanishvili.

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