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Svaneti - The entry to Georgia's historical highlands - StreamPress

Hiker’s paradise!

Svaneti – The entry to Georgia’s historical highlands

Svaneti, Georgia – Svaneti is located in the northern part of Western Georgia. Surrounded by the 3000-5000 meter high Caucasus Mountains, Svaneti is considered the highest populated region in the Caucasus.
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Svaneti’s towering summertimes draw in lots of a wayfarer aiming to overcome old-fangled towns with awesome views of falling apart churches, flowery fields and also the large open frontier of the Caucasus Hills. One of the most renowned trip takes about 3-5 days and also starts in Mestia, an enchanting townlet populated with attractive Svan towers nestled by skyrocketing optimals.


On a single Ushguli hillside rests Lamaria, a simple 10th century orthodox Christian church called for the old Svan siren, and also a long-term instance of brilliant duality in the area. Inside you’ll discover troubled frescoes and also a church lit just by petition candle lights and also a bit of light gathering from the clerestory over.

For the much less bold though, Mestia provide a huge selection of day walks.

Diverse culture – Diverse landscape
“Khocha ladagh” is the regional welcoming completely day.

Svans escaped the lots of occupations and also battles that ruined lowland Georgia. Its seclusion throughout background has actually provided it a society and also language as specified as its landscape.

The regional tongue, Svan– an unformulated, jeopardized relative to Georgian– has actually made it through just many thanks to dental practice, functioning as an additional testimony to the durability of the area. As well as while the language might go to danger for termination, its polyphonic hymns have actually maintained it in brownish-yellow.

Teams of males wearing woolen, garnet tinted chokhas (standard males’s layers) with printed blades hanging from the midsection still congregate to vocalize untempered tunes of people stories and also routine incantations in their indigenous Svan.

These folk songs surge out of the lots of spiritual events one-of-a-kind to the area like Kvirikoba, the yearly expedition of received Christian followers to St. Kvirike, an 11th century orthodox church positioned on a high hillside over the town Kala.

Svan tower is a common defense structure in Svaneti, usually 20-25 meters high. It consisted of 4-5, or rarely 6 floors. The Svan towers of the Ushguli community are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

On The Other Hand, in Mestia you’ll discover the Margiani Residence– a tower-turned-museum that envelops the lives of the renowned Margiani household that as soon as inhabited it.

Τraditional dishes

Probably the foundation of Svan society is its food– women are making Svanuri marili (Svan salt) the traditional method, crushed from the ground up with all 7 seasonings: salt, coriander, blue fenugreek, smashed red pepper, dill, marigold flowers and also wild caraway seed.
Substantiated of a demand to extend salt gets, it promptly came to be a staple in Svaneti and also Georgia all at once. Include a smidgeon to your steaming pot of lobio– stewed beans from bordering Racha-Lechkhumi– or utilize it to amp up an easy cucumber tomato salad. Discover it administered in little plastic parcels throughout the area and also utilized kindly in all type of Svan and also Georgian food.
Severe wintertimes implied developing an accumulation pleasant diet plan out of meat, potatoes and also grains. Neighborhood faves consist of tashmijabi, a recipe comprised of piping warm potatoes folded up right into briny cheese up until an ultra-stretchy, , putty-puree integrates with each other. Much more preferred is kubdari– a soft frisbee of bread packed with a hearty dental filling of beef, cooked onions and also seasonings.
For a meatless however similarly filling up selection, choose fetviani, a flatbread exuding with salted hill cheese and also eco-friendly millet flour, or chvishtari, a crunchy corn bread packed with littles cheese. Laundry all of it down with a swig of regional moonshine made from Svanetian towering honey.


Borena Kuliashvili

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