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It’s all over

The Night Watch: A Bittersweet Finale Leaves Us Wanting More

The final season of The Night Watch has come and gone, leaving a trail of mixed emotions. On the surface, things seem wrapped up neatly.

Did We Get the Ending We Deserved?


Depending on who you ask, the answer might be yes or no. The season tackled lingering plot threads, delivering some long-awaited payoffs. Characters faced consequences for their actions, some redemptive, some tragic. However, the resolution felt rushed, leaving certain plotlines underdeveloped and character arcs incomplete.


The Cost of Victory


The victory may have been bittersweet. Our heroes undoubtedly faced immense challenges, and the cost of survival was high. Sacrifices were made, both physical and emotional, leaving characters forever changed. This sense of loss, while adding depth, also contributes to the show’s melancholic aftertaste.


A World Forever Scarred


The Night Watch universe was forever altered by the events of the final season. The scars of conflict ran deep, impacting both the characters and the world they inhabited. This lingering sense of unease adds a layer of realism, reminding us that even victories come at a price.


A Show That Lingered


Perhaps the hollowness stems from the show’s ability to create a world so real, with characters so relatable. We invested in their struggles, celebrated their triumphs, and mourned their losses. Now, with the story concluded, we’re left with a void, a longing for more time in this captivating universe.


A Legacy of Questions


The Night Watch finale may have provided closure, but it also left us with lingering questions. What becomes of the characters now? How will the world they inhabit rebuild? These unanswered queries fuel our imagination and keep us invested in the story long after the credits roll.


A Show We Won’t Soon Forget


The Night Watch may have ended, but its impact remains. It was a show that dared to explore the complexities of human nature and the enduring fight for justice. While the finale may have left us with a sense of hollowness, it also sparked conversation, reflection, and a yearning for more stories in this captivating world. The Night Watch may be over, but its legacy will undoubtedly endure.



Oli Pipia

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