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Independence movement

Why do some Catalans desire self-reliance as well as what is Spain’s sight?

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Why do some Catalans want independence?

The self-reliance movement, led by the local head of state, Carles Puigdemont, argues that Catalonia has an ethical, cultural, economic and political right to self-determination. Its supporters feel their abundant area of 7.5 million individuals has actually long put extra right into Spain than it has actually obtained in return.

Support for independence has expanded over the past few years as Spain has sustained a protracted and also uncomfortable recession. Lots of Catalans are still upset about the Spanish constitutional court’s choice 7 years ago to annul or reinterpret parts of the 2006 Catalan statute of freedom, which would certainly have managed the region greater independence.


2 federal governments are on a collision course: Catalonia states its mandate will go on, Madrid is adamant it will not.

How strong is assistance for independence?

When it comes to self-reliance, polls reveal 70% of Catalans want to be able to elect in a referendum but they are more equally separated. A study two months ago showed 49.4% of Catalans protested freedom and 41.1% were in favour.

Just how did we obtain it here?

The Catalan parliament, where Puigdemont’s union has a bulk, has actually been taking legal steps in the direction of freedom for greater than a year. In June Puigdemont revealed that the mandate would certainly be held in October and also would ask voters: “Do you desire Catalonia to be an independent nation in the form of a republic?”

This month, after a warmed session of the regional parliament, MPs passed the so-called mandate law to lead the way for the ballot. The government firmly insists the mandate will be lawfully binding as well as has actually promised to state freedom from Spain within 2 days of success for the yes camp.

What does the Spanish federal government say regarding all this?

The Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, has actually firmly insisted the referendum will certainly not proceed and also has actually assured to make use of all legal means at the government’s disposal to stop it.

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